A Weighty Issue

I was one of those girls people hated.  I could eat fast food and junk every day and still not gain an ounce.  I never really had a set exercise routine or was very active, but was still in decent shape.

I think I looked my best the summer I turned 20.  I was probably about 120 pounds, give or take, and liked my body.  That’s the same summer A and I started dating.  The summer I turned 21, I got mono.  That’s when the weight started to pack on.  I’m 24 now and I have gained about 22 lbs over the past 4 years.  That’s 5.5 lbs a year.  At this rate, by the time I turn 30, I will be 175 lbs, which on my 5’2″ frame is very unhealthy.  Already my current weight is over the Ideal Weight, which at 5’2″ should be between 104-121 lbs. 

This past spring/summer I started a regular exercise routine.  I was going to the gym 4x a week for an hour, balancing cardio and strength training, and although I seemed to be losing inches, did not lose a single pound.  But, I was looking better, so I didn’t mind.

Then I got the idea in my head that my combination birth control pills were inhibiting me from losing weight… I’ve been off them for a month now, having switched to the mini-pill, and still no loss.  I can’t seem to find the time to get to the gym regularly again, and I know that and a more balanced, portion-controlled meal plan will help me lose weight!  At least I hope.  All the members of my mom’s family are overweight and have trouble losing weight, so it scares me.  I typically take more from my dad’s side of the family, but maybe that defective gene is dominant.

All I know is that my goal is to be 125 lbs before the beginning of June.  That gives me 6 whole months to lose 17 lbs.  That’s a reasonable 2.83 lbs a month.  By August I want to be 121 lbs.  A thinks I’ll be too skinny if I weigh 120-125 lbs.  Maybe I’ll like the way my body looks at 130 lbs and will stop there.  I just want the following changes:

  • More energy
  • Feel better about myself
  • Flat tummy
  • Firm thighs
  • Toned arms & calves.

This is the official start to my goal.  I’ve started on a cleanse to clean out any bacterias in my body.  I’ve upped vitamin intake to boost blood cells and increase energy.  I’ve organized my calendar to include minimum 3 workouts a week.  I’ve added more vegetables and fruit and less starchy and sweet foods to my diet.  I’ve started packing lunches for work and not buying junk.  I’ve been slowly decreasing the amounts of food  I eat in one sitting and having smaller meals at more regular intervals.  Hopefully by the end of December I can be down to 140, end of January down to 137, end of February be down to 134, end of March 131, end of April 129, end of May 125.

I hope this works!  My body frustrates me right now and I would love to look in the mirror and feel good about myself.  A tells me I’m beautiful how I am, but I don’t feel beautiful and I don’t feel healthy, and that’s not good.

the undomestic one


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