Panic Mode?

I decided I wouldn’t panic till January 1st.

Then, I decided I wouldn’t panic till December 26th.

Right now, I’ve already entered panic mode.

My period is late.  9 days late to be exact.  Which means that it’s been 36 days since my last period, which may mean absolutely nothing since the mini-pill is known to cause irregular periods.  Apparently I’m not to worry till I’m 45 days or more late.  That would be December 26th. 

Clearly, I’m worrying now.

I can’t be pregnant!  It’s not something my body, my brain, or my husband would be able to handle right now, if ever (at least in regards to the husband!).  If I am pregnant, I would be 4 weeks along apparently and due sometime mid-August.  An August baby, just like me.  Crap!  I can’t deal with this.

I’ve been feeling period symptoms, so I should be okay.. I’ve been feeling them since the 10th… mostly just cramping.  Every time I go to the bathroom I expect to have my period, but so far, nothing.  I usually hate getting my period, but right this moment, I would give anything for it.

I can’t be pregnant!  I can’t!  There’s no way!

I’ll keep telling myself that.. I’ll probably not get it until the 25th or 26th exactly, just because now I’m stressing about it.

When I first started writing this on Tuesday, I told myself not to panic… Then Tuesday night I got pretty bad cramps, and I thought, “See, I knew it would be fine.”  Now, another day and a bit has passed, and while I’m still hoping it will come anytime now, I’m debating buying a test to reassure myself…

the undomestic housewife


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