To test or not to test…


Another day and no period, and I’m starting to wonder if I should take a test.  I’m hoping it eases my mind by saying that I’m not pregnant.  I’m 9 days late, so it should show up if I am, but then again, my mom has told me before that for her pregnancy tests didn’t come up positive until she was past 3 months pregnant. 

I love my mom a lot.  I do.  But I really hope I’m nothing like her, in the health department anyways.  And in the pregnancies department as well.  She didn’t have it easy with either me or my little brother J, almost dying after him.  Is it too much to ask for a smooth pregnancy?  Wait, is it too much to ask to not be pregnant right now?

I don’t have any symptoms, except of course my 9 day late period.  But nothing else. 

Should I take a test now?  Should I wait and see if it doesn’t come before the 26th?  As much as I don’t want this right now, I can’t do anything to harm a baby if it’s in there, so I’d prefer knowing sooner rather than later. 

I hate this…


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