Too many boys…

There seems to be way too many boys in my house at any given moment.  As far as I knew, I had only agreed to live with one.. Now there’s 2 of the adult variety.  Plus the ones who randomly visit and abduct my TV for video gaming purposes.

I just want to have the house to myself again.  Well, with A, of course.  Even though at the moment I’m truly frustrated.

This morning he had the gall to be upset at my comment about the “hours he spends on video games.”  His reaction indicated he thought the term “hours” was ludicrous.  This after staying up till 1 am last night to play with his brother and mine and spending at least 2 hours playing this morning.  Oh, and he started playing again with the arrival of his friend a couple hours ago.  So clearly I was completely wrong in my statement…

And he wonders why I’m upset… I’m ready for some of the quiet evenings we spent the two of us… Not this new bother of always having someone else about.  If this is the way it is to be, I might as well have a child now, seeing as he/she could not interrupt A & my time together any more than the rest of the male species that surround me.

the undomestic housewife


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