the little brother

J and I have always been close.  Sure, we fight.  We don’t always agree.  But we’re close.  He looks up to me as big sister and he tries to take on the role of big brother/protector, although he is 3 years younger than me.  Throughout the changes growing up brought, we’ve always gone to each other first (or second – depending on circumstances) when we needed advice, or just to vent.

Now, more often than not, J is second, or third in line.  A is always first, but sometimes it’s easier to talk to my cousin Principessa* than to J.  After all she’s married, around my age, and is a girl.  But that doesn’t change how close J and I are. 

Which is why, when he was planning his proposal to his girlfriend S last weekend, he relied on me. 

Perhaps it is a bit unconventional to have people around when you are proposing.  When A and I got engaged, we were alone.  But my brother had a plan – and in order to surprise her, he needed help.  And, he asked me – his big sister.

So, after two days of phone calls every 15 minutes, it was arranged.  A and I would pick up S on the pretense of going to play tennis at an indoor court.  We were to be meeting J there at 8:30.  When we arrived, J was standing at the top of the stairs.  The tennis courts were in the lower section behind glass, visible from the entrance.  He pulled her close, and brought her to the glass, raised the blinds, and she saw this:
And she said yes!

 And, so my little brother is getting married this year.  They are planning to be married in October. 

And sometimes I worry that J and S are too young – but I wish them all the happiness in the world.  And I hope that despite all the changes life brings, we’ll always be close and always talk and always be there for each other.

– Inspired by prompt #4 at this week’s Writing Workshop by Sleep is for the Weak.


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