Emotionally Emotional

I scoured in vain.  Overwhelmed is not an actual emotion.  I think that isn’t fair.  After all, I am feeling overwhelmed.  That is my emotional state. 

I want to be poetic – I want to be the type of writer that people will want to read – but how do I beautify stress?  I see some do it – and it reiterates an important fact – I am not a writer.  I could never survive in the world of writing.  I can write passively well – but that is all.  It saddens me that I have no outstanding talents – I can do many things well or well enough, but there is nothing I can do amazingly.

But, I digress.  This overwhelming-ness is consuming me.  There are so many goals I wanted to reach this year and as of yet, have accomplished none.  I am no better of a cook or housekeeper.  I am no more organized.  I am no more healthier or in better shape than I was 4 months ago.

I am overwhelmed by my failure.

I want to state a new goal – but I do not want any more goals to fail at.  Instead I will take pleasure in small accomplishments, the small accomplishments of today.  Optimism after all is better for my state of mind.

And perhaps, by the end of this year, some of the goals will be reached and this silly thing called life will not be so overwhelming.


Inspired by prompt no. 5 – Pick an emotion that best describes your state of mind right now.


4 thoughts on “Emotionally Emotional

  1. It is by celebrating the small successes that we can change the big things. We all need to start somewhere so I think you’re totally right to focus on what you have done and not what you haven’t done.
    I know how you feel, it does become overwhelming sometimes but remember it is only April. :)

  2. I know what you mean. I do that too especially with writing projects – I start too many of them and don’t finish them then beat myself up about it. Best to take one thing then complete it feel good and move on to the next.

    • I have a dozen half written stories in various stages of production, which will probably stay that way forever.. But, right now I can only focus on one thing – getting healthy and in shape. That’s my goal – everything else will have to wait till I can get a handle on that one.
      Thanks for reading & commenting! :)

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