Less & More

Yes, I’m like everyone else.  I’m low on time.  And unlike most of the blogs I follow, I’m not a mother of one, never mind 2 or 3 or more.  You would think that I’d have more time.  But I do not.  I am continuously struggling to balance my life, to make time for me, for my goals and pursuits.

This month I am succeeding.  I started my Get Fit Challenge.  I’ve been making time for myself to eat healthy. I’ve been making time to go to the gym at least 4x a week.  I’m making time to accomplish my goal – 19 lbs and 12 inches to lose.  Two weeks in and I’m already down 5 lbs and 2 inches – only 14 and 10 to go.

It made it easier that my parents were away for a few days.  I love them dearly and visit them at least 3x a week, which while lovely, takes hours out of my day.  Often, I go with the intention of staying half-an-hour and then making my way to the gym or home to clean or run errands.  But usually nothing else gets done and I’m there till A will be home from work, so I have to rush around.   And then there are other relatives who I really should go visit on a regular basis – but my time is limited and there’s only one of me to go around. 

But, along the theme of more and less, I can think of a few more:

Less debt, more savings

Less gossipers, more friends

Less tears, more smiles

Less writer’s block, more blogging 

Less waiting, more living!

I think that last one is really important.  I feel like I’m always waiting for something.  I waited for A to propose, I waited for the wedding, I waited till we were ready to buy a house.  Now I’m waiting for A to be ready to have kids – if that ever happens.  But, maybe, instead of waiting I should spend more time just living.  Instead of waiting to have a child, spend more time enjoying just being a couple without any pressure to procreate.

There’s always a list of things we want more of or less of.  If I find more time to myself to get things done, maybe I’ll be more relaxed and less rushed, less of a chicken running around with my head cut off.

This post inspired Sleep is For the Weak’s Writing Workshop prompt # 5 – What do you need to do more of?  What do you need to do less of?


3 thoughts on “Less & More

  1. Your right.. And I don’t want to have been married years before having one, and then whine about the things I never got to do. And, who knows if A will ever be ready, so I’ll just live life one day at a time and try and enjoy every moment.

  2. Absolutely. Don’t wish your life away. Especially because, once kids come which I hope they will one day, BELIEVE me you will wish you’d filled this time up. Make the most of this stage of your life, it is SO special. And it is all yours to do anything you like with.

    Good luck! x

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