A Step in the Right Direction

I’m making some progress on the ‘domesticated’ front.

This past weekend, I managed to have my home spotless on Friday before 9:30 a.m.  Then, kept it reasonably tidy all weekend, requiring only a 20 mins or so tidying up on Sunday before my parents came over for dinner.

Yes, I had my parents, and my brother and his fiance over!  And I cooked!  Mostly.  My mom was there to guide me, but I made the lasagna all by myself, and it turned out pretty good.  Plus, the house was clean, and for once, I wasn’t incredibly nervous with having my parents over for dinner.  And the next morning, I drove AMP to work, went the to gym, ate breakfast, and had the house back to almost pristine condition all before 9. 

Now, to branch out and invite other people…. I’m not that far yet, I don’t think.  The fear of cooking for others and entertaining is still pretty crippling.  But at least I’m making progress.


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