Beginning of the End

Her gaze followed him as he wandered aimlessly around the room.  His eyes slid over her, not even acknowleding her presence.  She wasn’t surprised.  She fliched as memories assailed her: their first kiss, the late nights on the beach sharing secrets and hopes and dreams.  A mere three months later, reduced to strangers avoiding glances across a crowded room.

Her face flushed as he suddenly caught her staring.  She looked away immediately, grabbed her drink and ran.  She knew she shouldn’t have come.  The risk of seeing him was too great.

Across the room, he stared at the retreating back of the girl he loved, spun on his heel and headed towards the bar.

Outside, she sagged against the wall, and thought back to that night, that night where everything ended.

They’d been dating for three months, and that night he’d seemed especially nervous.  He took her down to their favorite spot, looked her in the eyes, and said he loved her, he couldn’t live without her.  Sinking to one knee, he uttered the four words every girl dreams of hearing…

“Will you marry me?”

Her answer had been no.

His mouth dropped open in shock.  The ring dropped from his listless fingers, the diamond glittering in the moonlight.

She hurriedly back-tracked.  She tried to explain that she loved him, she just needed more time. She didn’t want to rush into anything before they were ready, that three months wasn’t enough time.  She went on and on for about five minutes, panic setting in, and then she just stopped, looked up into his tear-filled eyes and begged him to understand.

He stood.  “Oh, I understand,” he said and walked away.

Her desperate calls were unanswered, her letters sent back unopened… For weeks she tried to reach him, and he shut her out from his life completely.

She stayed crouched against the wall, crying into her drink.  Maybe she should have said yes, she thought, for the millionth time.

Ten beers later, he looked into the eyes of another brown-eyed brunette, her face a blur.

“You should have said yes,” he whispered and he fell to the floor unconscious.


One thought on “Beginning of the End

  1. That’s so sad :(
    Well done for being so mature in your answer though, I’m a sucker and would just have said yes! If you weren’t ready and he didn’t understand that then it’s for the best. You’re so brave!

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