The Book is Always Better

I love books – I’m sure we’ve realized that by now.  And I get really excited when my favorite stories are made into movies.  I think it’s some sort of validation – that I’ve got some taste in books.  So, whenever a book I’ve loved makes it to the big screen, my heart flutters and I await in anxious anticipation…

And, then my heart breaks.

I’m not sure why it’s so hard to make a movie that actually follows the same storyline as the book.  How is that stories that are a pleasure to read have to be changed when it comes to filming?

As you may have surmised, we watched a movie this weekend.. Specifically Dear John.  And, yes, I’ll admit to reading and even liking some Nicholas Sparks books.  And, I usually keep my complaining to a minimum when watching the adaptations, but I got so distracted during Dear John.  Poor AMP had to listen to my outbursts every time I noticed something new.  Perhaps the changes are ‘meaningless’ but they make a difference to me!

And, it’s not just Dear John… It was also Confessions of a Shopaholic… My Sister’s Keeper…P.S. I Love You… And the list goes on.

Maybe I should start researching which books are going to be made into movies, and wait to watch the movie first, and then read the book – which will always be so much better than the movie!  Which is why I’d always pick reading over watching a movie.


One thought on “The Book is Always Better

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