This post is inspired by prompt #4 at Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop.  I may have tweaked it a little from it’s original title, ’30 Things I Vow to Do This Summer’ to ‘ 30 Things I Want to Happen This Summer.’  I’m surprised I managed to come up with so many.. I’ll have to come back at the end of summer and see how many (if any!) are accomplished.. They are in no particular order except for no. 1 – which is the most important to me right now! lol.

1.       Most importantly: have the basement finished, and have life return to wonderful normalcy and just the two of us

2.       Finish my hour quota!

3.       Take two weeks off just to relax

4.       Complete all the remaining letters in the 2010 A-Z Reading Challenge

5.       Organize the closet – Set up the shelves and have it look beautiful

6.       Work on and finish the wedding photo-book

7.       Write story to go along with photo-book

8.       Lose the remaining 14 lbs I want to lose

9.       Spend time with my niece once she gets back from Australia

10.    Waste whole days sitting at the beach reading

11.    Decorate!!  Put up pictures, paintings, clocks, drapes

12.    Grow basil – and have it live for more than a week

13.    Stain front porch

14.    Start a new routine of waking up at 6:30 every morning

15.    Go to the gym 4x a week or more

16.    Drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables

17.    Write more – it seems like it gets put on the back burner more often than not

18.    Spend more time with my family as a couple

19.    Start entertaining

20.    Begin thinking about and organizing AMP’s Grad Party

21.    Keep in touch with family overseas

22.    Have a cleaning routine where I spend 20 minutes a day cleaning and no more than that!  No major clean-up days all summer!

23.    Do outdoor sports

24.    Learn outdoor sports

25.    Start planning next spring’s garden

26.    Water my hanging baskets so they don’t die before July

27.    De-clutter before September

28.    Go camping with AMP’s family

29.    Make one new ‘close’ friend

30.    Spend time with the friends I never get to see


6 thoughts on “30

  1. It looks like we have a lot of the same goals! I’m kind of curious to look back in September and see how much of mine I managed to cross off! Good luck with all of yours!

  2. Your list is great! Mainly ’cause it looks a lot like a list I’d make of things I need to accomplish over the summer . . . what with the losing weight and eating fresh fruit and organizing and everything! :)

  3. Been soo busy and haven’t had a chance to reply – Thanks to everyone for stopping by and reading! :)

    Kimmers ~ I know! I want to compare in September. Hopefully I can at least do a third of them.
    Melissa ~ Hahah.. Probably why I’m always tired!
    Full Time Mommy ~ I’m definitely going to make #10 a priority :)
    CoffeeJitters ~ I think that’s going to be the hardest, but like you said, it’ll be worth it.
    Brandi ~ Seems like lots of us have the same goals.. Nice to know there’s others out there :)

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