What & Why

What I’m Working on This Week

1. Making a conscious effort to see things from the other person’s point of view   **Tried to work on this one – didn’t help that my amazing MIL agrees with everything I say and feel – have I mentioned how I think she’s awesome?!

2. Clean my house before my MIL arrives    **actually got this one done**

3. Go to the gym more than once this week    **twice is better than only once – and better than nothing at all**

4. Stop raving & ranting about things I can’t change   **Totally need to still work on this one**

5. Look into seeing a therapist to deal with no. 4  **Ditto above**

Why It’s Hard

1. I don’t want to always have to be the “bigger person” and I’m pretty sure some people aren’t putting much, or any, effort into seeing things from my point of view (and no, I’m not referring to you AMP! Seriously! I’m not! I promise!)

2. This week is super-busy with lots of running around – and the house is a mess.  A total mess.  The kind that will take me two hours of cleaning to eradicate.  Two hours I’m not sure I have.  And I still don’t know where my MIL is going to sleep as her youngest son has already taken over the guest room, and I feel bad putting her on a retarded air mattress squished between bookshelves and a computer desk in the computer room…

3. See part a of above.  And cleaning should take priority.. So maybe I should change it to “Try to go to the gym at least once this week.”

4. Um.. Because our old landlord is douche who drives me up the wall – and a stupid one at that who hasn’t realized yet that I’m smarter than him and keep proof of his stupidity; my parents are replacing me with my soon-to-be sister-in-law; I’m related to stupid people…and so on and so forth – And if I let these words get stuck in my head they keep looping around till I’m crazy – so it’s better to get them off my chest.  Maybe I should write them? But doesn’t that still count as ranting & raving? 

5. Um.. Not sure how that would go over with AMP – and not sure if I’m willing to sacrifice spending money for clothes and books just to have someone being paid to listen to me and not allowed to argue with me!  Though I’ll have to give it more thought…


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