My Happy Place

3) Write a list of 10 things that are sure to put a smile on your face when you are not happy.  From Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop

My Happy Place

I’m not always a bubbling brook of happiness, so on days where I’m a little dried out, these are my sure-fire ways to bring me back:

1. AMP – especially when he randomly offers to take me out to dinner or on a date, or brings home flowers, or surprises me at the ferry with flowers and a card telling me how much he missed me when I was only gone 2 days… Basically, any time spent with AMP – unless he’s the one who upset me, in which case…

2. My nieces – I’ve got two of the most beautiful nieces in the world.  One is 3.5 and the other is just over 2 years old, and they are so darn cute.  I’m seriously missing the oldest, who has been in Australia visiting her other family for the past 5 months, so I have to be content with listening to the cutest voicemail ever she left me!

3.  Spending time with my best friend Principessa – as long as it’s not helping her with her dad’s company

4. Chocolate and/or bellinis

5. Pride & Prejudice – or anything Pride & Prejudice related

6. Any book I’ve been longing to read

7. A spotless house, which I didn’t have to clean

8. Dinner made or dinner out – again, anything where I didn’t have to make any effort

9. Bread – I’m a carb addict!  Might explain why I’m having so much trouble losing weight, haha

 10. Summer beach days with AMP, laying on a blanket reading…


11 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. I did this prompt too. Chocolate defintely made my list and I defintely feel a bit selfish for not putting mr. groom on my list. But no other people made it so I guess thats okay. I love beach days too!

  2. Oh! I am so with you on the spotless house that I don’t have to clean part. Oh my goodness. I could really go for a spotless house right this second! Awesome list. Your nieces sound so cute : )

  3. Rachel – Chocolate is so important. And sometimes people just can’t make the list. I tend to get annoyed by people, so I was a little surprised that 4 made it on the list, lol.

    Amy – Isn’t that wonderful idea! I’ve been dying for a cleaning elf..

    Life with kaishon – I know!! My house totally needs a magic fairy this moment to wave her magic wand and clean it up. Especially since I’m expecting company later – and I’m still on the computer! haha.

    Thanks for reading and commenting everyone :)

  4. A spotless house that I didn’t have to clean would be heaven! I agree on the chocolate too… everything feels better after a chocolate fix!

  5. The laundry fairy and cleaning crew have been officially put on notice at my house. I may have to sport the “comb over” and pull a nasty Donald Trump on them if this keeps up…just sayin’. BTW, P&P is one of the best, most wonderful, classics EVER. Enjoyed your list! :)

    • Isn’t P&P the best?! Read it tons of times – it’s my ‘comfort book’. And I’ve also read almost every fan-fiction novel based off it.. hahaha… I’m a little obsessed.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. LOVE the list!! I found you through MKWW, BTW! =D

    CHOCOLATE: the OTHER Vitamin C

    OOOOOHHH… The clean house without having to DO it is a GOOD ONE!!! That’ll never happen… unless I PAY a swervice to do it… but they’d probably take one look and turn me down. LOL!!! JK! ((HUGS))

    • Thanks! Chocolate makes everything better doesn’t it?!?
      I actually can’t complain about the cleaning part – although I haven’t come home to find it spotless, there are few times I have come home to it mostly tidied up which is wonderful enough, I guess. I’d love to hire a maid just to come in and do the major stuff, like window cleaning, baseboards, etc.. But the husband isn’t sold on the idea lol.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. Great list! I would love to copy some of those items like a clean house so I don’t have to clean…ahhh!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog about Richard Simmons. Don’t beat yourself up over weight. Just eat healthy and exercise during the week. Be happy knowing that you are trying to get healthier, whatever it is.

    I love your blog title, because I do have ADD and two of my kids do, too!

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