read read read

It’s July, and I’m more than halfway done my A-Z Reading Challenge.  I only have 12 1/4 letters to go.  Once I finish reading The Lovely Bones tonight, I’ll be down to 12.  I knew it wouldn’t be hard – after all I devour books.  At least I say that now.. Wait till December when I’m still looking for a book that starts with the letter Z that I actually wouldn’t mind reading.. But I digress, so  let’s get to the summaries/critiques/nothingness:

In the past few weeks, I’ve finished 4 books…

First I started with A Book of A Thousand Days.. Not so interesting.  Actually most of the time the book annoyed me.
Then I read, The Queen of Babble Gets Hitched, and am sad I read it out of order, and will have to go searching for the rest of the series.
And then there was Everyone Worth Knowing.  It was good. Not spectacular, but good.
Finally, I had to throw in a Pride & Prejudice related book with Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife… Steamier, as in there is actually kissing scenes.. well more than that, but I’ll let you read it.  Have I mentioned yet how much I adore P&P and Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth?!?

And, now I’m almost at the end of The Lovely Bones.  I tried to put off reading it, since I wanted to see the movie first… After all, we know how I feel about movie adaptations.. But I can’t not read so…  Actually I’m going to get back to that… It’s the best escape… Now if I can only make the grumpy brother-in-law disappear for a while, I’ll be in heaven!!


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