The Road Not Taken…

I’m content with how my life is.  I have a wonderful, amazing, loving husband.  I live in a beautiful house.  I have a good job.  I have family and friends close by.

But Mama Kat asked, ‘What would you change about your life if you could?’

I’m tempted to say ‘Nothing.’  After all, every step I took, every road, led to the wonderful life I have now.  But…if I could pick one thing – only one – and it wouldn’t change the outcome of my life, wouldn’t chaneg meeting AMP and falling in love and getting married…

I would want to have moved out before I got married.  I would have traveled.  I would have learned to be more domestic while I was single – so that it wouldn’t have been such a culture shock when I got married.

That sounds like more than one thing.  Good thing I’m free to contradict myself as much as I want.

I don’t regret my choices.  I love my life.  But, I can see the good that comes from being on your own for a bit – learning to budget better, with money and with time.  To be more organized.  To have traveled alone and with friends, seen new places when I didn’t have a mortgage to pay.  To have other experiences to draw on.

But… Now I get to experience those things with AMP.  We can travel together to places near and far.  I get to spend each day waking up next to a husband who loves me more than anything, who has made sacrifices so that I can have the things I desire…

So, if I had to choose to have moved out or traveled but would have to give up meeting AMP?  Well, then I’m glad I never did those things, because I will always choose my life with AMP over any other road or adventure I may have taken.


27 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken…

  1. I thought about doing this one, too, but I also wouldn’t change my life now. It isn’t perfect, but I am happy, overall.

    I do agree tho, I wish I had traveled when I was single. I realize how easy it would’ve been, how much I could’ve seen. Ah, well.

    • Exactly – life may not be perfect, but I still wouldn’t change anything.. I love my life with AMP way too much! :)

      Thanks for commenting.. :)

  2. Everyone has things they would change. That is one of the reasons I didn’t answer this one because all the shit I have been through in my life got me to where I am and who I am and I think I totally rock! Living in an prphanage had a big impact on my life but it isn’t who I am. I don’t allow powerfully painful things to dictate who I am. I think that’s what it’s about.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting. Your blog is great!

    As far as the photobooks, I have made one at each of the big photo sites and Winkflash is the best! Also, they often have a sale where their large photobooks are $19.99 with up to 100 pages. I make my books and then save them until the sale and buy them att at once. Saves you a bundle!


    • Oooh. Thanks! I’m definitely going to check them out and try them! And they are even having a 60% off Summer Sale. So glad I clicked on to your blog.
      From the little I’ve read, I’m going to agree with you, you do rock! And, everything that we go through makes us the person we are.. :)
      So nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by my blog as well.

  3. Well said. We should always count our blessings and not worry how green the grass is somewhere else. I am lucky to have the life I have – and would never want to appear less than thankful.

    • Thanks! :)
      I agree – and I think it makes for healthier marriages and relationships when we are personally content and happy with our own lot, without wishing we had what others had. To be honest, it’s something it’s something I have had to work on, but I’m happier because of it.

  4. I understand your point, and I feel similar about my own life. The destination is exactly where I want to be, but the journey could have been filled with a little more learning and experiences.

    Maybe we just need to commit to traveling now, even if they are just day trips. Or commit to budgeting, even if there is less disposable income.

    • I like the way you put it.

      My husband and I are trying to travel more – we have gone away for our anniversaries, trying new places, even if they are only weekend trips. Once we are a little more out of debt we plan on travelling to Europe and other places for longer vacations. And I’m married to an accountant, so he’s been teaching me the finer details about budgeting – not something I’m always fond of, but helpful nonetheless. :)

      Thansk for stopping by! :)

  5. I totally agree!! I thought about doing this one… thought about the little regrets, things I wish I had handled differently, different paths I could have taken in college, etc… but all the things that happened, decisions I made, led to where I am today– and more importantly, WHO I am. And it’s kind of funny because some of your things you wish you had done, I AM doing (although I have a mortgage already)… and I hope to some day be doing what YOU are doing– happily married to someone who I can experience these things with.

    (Thanks for visiting me!)

    • Ooh.. thanks for visiting! You’re right – it all leads to who we are.. And being happy with that is important!
      Hope you get your wishes for the future! :) And enjoy your traveling!

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog! You are right there are always somethings we could have done that would have prepared us better for the life we have now, but if we did those things would we still be where we are? I am like you if it means I wouldn’t have the life I have now, I wouldn’t change a thing, because I like where I am!

    • :) Thanks! I’m glad you came by and visited. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know other bloggers, and realizing that I’m not alone in some of my thoughts and opinions!

  7. I agree completely, and I love the way you said it!

    The older I get, the less inclined I am to regret or change anything from the past, because as you said, it’s all brought me here — I can’t even imagine a different path at this point. I guess I have the benefit of perspective now (and — just maybe — a little wisdom with age).

    I look forward to hearing about your future travels and adventures in upcoming blog posts!

    PS. And thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  8. I got to travel a lot with my family. We lived in Europe when I was growing up as well as numerous states in America. It made me NOT travel when I had the opportunity to do so alone. Always felt like I’d seen everything I wanted to see. Now I wish I would have seen much more. Since birthing my #1 I’ve been on a plane less than a handful of times. If I’d known that things woulda turned out like this then, I certainly woulda complained less about my parents trying to send me places and taken them up on it more. Ahhhh. Hindsight!

  9. That’s the most unique answer I’ve read so far to this prompt.

    I moved out when I was 18 and I am so glad I did. It was, honestly, one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  10. Thanks everyone! :)
    marlainkontheside – Exactly… As I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve realized that – and I’m also learning contentment, which is long overdue. Makes for a much happier person! :)
    Katina – Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    Dumb Mom – Isn’t hindsight a pain?! Hahaha. We traveled a bit growing up, but mostly to visit family in Italy, and small trips here and there.. I’m excited to do more travel with my husband.
    Erin – My dad always says he taught my mom everything she knows about cooking…And once she learned, he never cooked again. Haha. My husband has taught me a few things.. I guess that’s what makes us a team! :) Thanks for reading. :)
    Nessa – Yea, I suggest it to all my younger, single friends still living at home. Nothing I can do about it now, but like you I’m happy where my life is.
    Jessica – Thanks! My husband moved out when he was 18 too. He doesn’t regret it either.. And it’s probably what made him such a good cleaner! Which I definitely can’t complain about haha. Glad you got that experience and enjoyed it.

  11. When I was single and on my own, I didn’t have the money to travel. LOL!

    I do know what you are saying. Being independent is very important to maturity and growth. It doesn’t sound like it affected you missing that. It’s a tough decision but I’m glad you found your AMP! I am sure life and sights with him is much better. :-) Glad you had that moment.


  12. I always think it’s dead unfair we only get one life. It can be tricky trying to remember what we want to do, let alone actually doing it all. Don’t like regrets, dread ever having them. I believe in the butterfly effect (not that Ashton Kutcher film) that every decision, every turn, effects where you end up now. For example, even though my ex boyfriend was a twat and I wish I’d never met him if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have met my lovely boy, got married and had my two amazing kids. I’m just waffling now, sorry, need my morning coffee….

  13. Angellia – Thanks! I did enough traveling with other people to know it’s more fun with AMP.
    ScribblingMum – I agree! Every moment in the past is what brings us to today… Even those moments we’d undo.. Thanks for reading!
    Amy – Thanks! :)

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