book therapy

I’ve debated spending the $150.00 an hour to pay someone to listen to me whine… I mean vent.  After all, if they are being paid, they can’t exactly roll their eyes at me, or just tune me out.  Therapists are usually expected to come up with something intelligent in response too.  It’s tempting…

But, then, I think about all the clothes and books I could buy with $150.00, and well… I have my own method of therapy.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had the same way of coping when life got to be too much.  I’d escape to my room, shut the door, pick up a book and lose myself.  There’s something about being lost in someone else’s world – where my world has melted away, and nothing is expected of me.  It’s addictive.  And, it just about always makes me feel better…

And on the rare occasions it doesn’t, all I need is a pen to spill my thoughts, to chase out the words churning in my mind, so that I can close my eyes and dream – and wake up in the morning to start a new day. 

Inspired by prompt no. 1) What’s your therapy? over at Josie’s Writing Workshop


4 thoughts on “book therapy

  1. I do the same as you – if something’s gone very wrong, if I can, I’ll read. I’ll usually read till what’s going in on in the book is more real to me than the bad thing’s that’s happened. Is it escapism? I am walking away, avoiding having to contemplate how bad things really are? Or am I giving myself some breathing space so I can deal with the problem when I’m feeling less panicky? I don’t know, and I think it bothers me.

    • I think it’s more like giving yourself breathing space – giving your mind the time it needs to decompress before it has to deal with the issue – because after all, when you’re done the book, the problem hasn’t disappeared, it’s not like you can escape it completely.
      Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. This was my therapy for a long, long time. And then I lost it! My concentration got so bad after having my boy I’d give up half way though book after book. I’m on a kind of progressive re-integration therapy programme now, slooooowly learning how to lose myself once more. I had forgotten how much I missed it.

    • I’m like that about writing – I used to write a lot – and then life got in the way. I’m so glad I started blogging again – it helps me cope and release frustration.. I missed it soo much!

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