a status update at a time

I was late jumping on the Facebook bandwagon.  I resisted quite stubbornly at first… But then, one of AMP’s family members invited me, and I thought, ‘what better way to keep in touch with his family across the country.’  So, I joined.  I was determined to only have people who were far away – and then, it was people I went to school with who I haven’t talked to in eons.. and, then it was almost everyone.  Not to say that I have a ridiculous friends list. I’m still pretty picky about who is allowed to access my Facebook page (most people being on Limited Profile) and am careful about what I post on there… But, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.. After all Facebook has the best gossip! haha

For Mama Kat’s workshop, I tried to think up an awkward conversation I’ve witnessed on Facebook, and well… I think that people post way too much information through their status updates.  There’s the girl who whines about how lonely she is and has no friends – and how horrible her husband is – until the next day when he’s “the best husband in the whole world.”  There’s the guy who updates his status every 5 minutes, apparently needing to keep an up-to-date records of his every movement.  There’s the girl who posts inappropriate pictures of herself, and then whines about how she’s called a slut.  And then there are the arguments played out for the world (or your entire friend list) to see.

One such argument was between a friend of mine, and a girl who was mortally offended at a comment my friend had made.  My friend works in a pediatric office and was complaining about some of the mothers there, and this other person took it personally and as an affront to herself as a single mother – even though it did not refer to her at all.  It was funny to read how riled up she got even though my friend pointed out it had nothing to do with her, and she even ended up blocking my friend from her friends list.  Talk about sensitive. 

I have a rule about status updates and uploading photos – before I do, I ask myself, “Will I regret posting this later?” and “Would I be embarrassed if my parents saw this?”  I think that in this digital age, people have lost some of their common sense, not realizing that the words we post may change the way people view us, not only with our friends, but even with future employers.


14 thoughts on “a status update at a time

  1. I really don’t dig FB much. I too think people post way too much information about themselves and their families. I really llike your take on it. I definitely feel the same way about it.

    Writer’s Workshop visiting. Peace. ;)

    • Too much information is dangerous. That’s how bad things happen. I’ve ended up deleting alot of my stuff, just to err on the side of caution. And I’m a huge believer in not posting pictures of other people without their permission (or parent’s permission) because everyone has the right to feel the way they do about that sort of thing.

  2. I know what you mean about people not being selective enough. I walk a fine line between being so careful it’s not even fun anymore, and putting stuff out there I’ll regret. I’ve learned that a lot of people view me differently because of the stuff I’ve put on FB (i.e. political things that lead them to think I’m a “crazy liberal,” when really I agree with both sides of the aisle…it’s just the stories I find interesting). But at the same time, I’m extremely selective about who I’m friends with, so that helps keep it less crazy. Now that everything is public, though, I’m almost scared to put anything up!

    Visiting from WW

    • I know! Though I’ve played with my privacy settings enough that anything that can be made private is – but I’m selective about who I let on my list and after that, what I allow individual people to see. You can never be too careful.

  3. I don’t know anything about Facebook since I am not on it, but a friend of mine at work thought it funny that when someone posted on their update that they didn’t have time to update their facebook status! Ummm okay! =)

    • Talk about obsessed huh? I don’t get that.. Nor do I get the game playing on Facebook.. I check it pretty often, but I don’t advertise my whole life on there.

    • Yea, I don’t do very much, and I delete all my posts and everything – I just like to browse and see what’s going on.. My nosy side poking through haha.

  4. I have a “friend” who constantly slams my religion. No kidding. It’s really annoying, especially since all her supposed facts are wrong.

    Still, FB does make finding out information easy. : )

    • That’s so rude! I don’t understand people like that. I don’t expect people to share my beliefs, but I don’t mock other people’s choices, and I don’t see why there are people in this world who still haven’t leaned basic manners. And it’s most annoying when they are misinformed on top of that.

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