I’m a Lobster

Two years ago AMP and I drove down to California for our honeymoon.  It was AMP’s first time south of Seattle, so we decided to take a day trip into Mexico, seeing as we were so close and had no idea the next time we would be. 

We rode across the US/Mexico border on a bus, spent about 20 minutes in Tijuana and then caught another bus to a beach town called Rosarito.  It was mid-April and we spent the afternoon on the beach.  It was pretty windy and a little overcast by the water, so I thought I definitely wasn’t going to get burnt.

I’ve never been more wrong.  I wish I had pictures to show from that day – but I got so burnt that when my legs touched, the skin melted and fused together.  For the next week, I slept with AMP’s sweatpants even though it was ridiculously hot in San Diego.  My skin felt on fire.  I couldn’t let my skin come in contact with anything….especially fun when you’re in 35 degree weather and travelling.

And that’s the story of the worst burn of my life – and I’ve learned my lesson – never go anywhere without sunscreen, no matter how overcast it may seem to be.

Inspired by prompt no. 1 at Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop this week.

8 thoughts on “I’m a Lobster

  1. Overcast-burns are a big issue here in the PNW, too! I think that’s when I’ve had my worst…

    And I just have to say that when I read your title I got quite excited because I thought you were referring to the Friends episode where Phoebe talks about lobsters… how they find each other and walk around the tank, claw-in-claw, soulmates.

    • Haha.. Sorry to disappoint – but if it’s any consolation, that’s what I was thinking when I wrote the title – I’m a huge Friends fan! :)

      Thanks for your comment!

      • I feel much better that it was at least in mind when you wrote the title! I think that almost any situation can be connected to something from Friends!

  2. ….AND on your honeymoon, too?!? What a bummer! Cloudy/windy days are the worst – you aren’t hot and sweaty and so there’s that false sense of security.

    New follower! Come visit me, too!

  3. Oh that’s awful! Especially on your honeymoon. Lucky for me I have never been burnt that bad. But my cousin got burnt so bad on her honeymoon they had to come home and she was hooked up to an IV!

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s!

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