My sisters

I’m often asked if I miss not having a sister.  My answer is, I have sisters – two of them. 

Not everyone understands the relationship between me and Principessa, her sister M and my little brother J.  We grew up together – viewing each other more as siblings than cousins.  From when the youngest two were born, we have hundreds of pictures of the four of us – more often than not, dressed in matching outfits.  Even now that we are older, at every event or occasion where the four of us are together, we make sure to capture a photo of us.

Sure, we grew up in different homes, and not exactly in the same way, but we treated each other as siblings.  We fought and we played together, and as we grew older, we became closer.  Principessa and I are best friends.  I’m ‘auntie’ to her daughter Little Princess.  Sure, we weren’t always close.  There’s a nine months age difference between us, and we had our moments where we drifted apart, but now we’re closer than ever.

M and I have always been close – the 3-year age difference never seeming to bother us.  Principessa always wonders why M is so much nicer to me than she is to her, but it’s a special relationship me and M have – even when we don’t talk for a little while, we can always pick up where we left off – and we’ve never judged or criticized the other.

And then there was poor J, born 3 months after M  – who grew up in the midst of us sisters – he mentions that when people question him on his knowledge of women…

So, I have sisters – the perfect kind where I didn’t have to share clothes or fight for attention, but still we were always there, and will always be there for each other.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


8 thoughts on “My sisters

  1. oooh you are so lucky to have close cousins – i have two cousins but they were much older than me. but i have seen how special the cousin relationship can be..
    lovely post

    • Thanks!
      We’re a total of 14 on my mom’s side (just cousins, no mates) and the 4 of us are the only ones who have been consistently close and have always gotten along for the most part… Granted some of us are far apart in years – the oldest is 10 years older than I am and the youngest is 21 years younger than me.. But, at least the 4 of us have remained close.

  2. Hi – told ya I’d visit!! That is so nice you have such a good relationship with your cousins. All my cousins live either in other countries or at the other end of the UK & we hardly ever see each other…such a shame I think! x

    • Welcome! Thanks for visiting.
      I have cousins who live across the ocean in Italy – so I know how sad it is to be far away and I’m really bad at keeping in touch as well..

  3. Hey, I have a few sisters like that too! There were some neighbours of ours – we grew up together. They were four sisters and a brother. I have three sisters of my own too. Then there are cousins. Lots of them. In India where I live, we don’t say cousins, we say brothers and sisters.

    That’s why your post so resonated with me!

    • :) Isn’t it great! I appreciate it even more because there are some cousins that no matter what I will never be close to but I have a great relationship with these two! Thanks for commenting!

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