Little steps…

I’m good with dates – I remember everyone’s anniversaries, and even birthdays (even though we don’t celebrate them). 

So, you’d think that I’d be organized when it comes to anniversaries.. But, I’m a total disaster.  Tomorrow is my parent’s 26th anniversary – and seeing as for their 25th it took me almost 6 months to get around to buying their gift – I was determined to be more organized this time around…

Well.. I have dinner reservations for Friday @ 8 – a vague idea for a present, and I think I have a card at home…  I guess, it makes me a tiny bit more organized.. but not by much.  My brother and I decided each of us was responsible for one parent this year – I got dad, he got mom… Dad had pointed out a watch he liked to me, but now it’s no longer in store — So, I have about 24 hours to figure this one out..

On the bright side, I already know what I’m getting them for next year…



2 thoughts on “Little steps…

  1. Haha.. I’m usually pretty bad – I was actually hoping my parents wouldn’t buy us an anniversary gift this year, so I could skip it guilt-free – but alas… Oh well.. Think I’ve figured it out – got my dad a watch, hopefully he likes it. He’s the hardest person to shop for though, so I’m not holding my breath. And the little brother bought mom a locket, in which I inserted a picture of my parents when they were first married, a picture of my husband and I, a picture of my brother and his fiancee, and a more recent picture of the parents.. Hope they both like their gifts.

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