Back to real life

Goodness, I’ve missed blogging.  It was so weird to have almost no internet for a week while we were at my in-laws.

I have to say I’m pretty lucky – my in-laws are great, and spending a week over there is no real hardship, although I was definitely glad to be home.  There’s something to be said about sleeping in your own bed, and being in your own house.  And having internet access haha.

The week was awesome though.  Got to spend lots of time with our niece, went to the beach, and had some interesting conversations about children with AMP which I’m still trying to process.. Maybe when I wrap my head around the concept a little more and decide how I feel I’ll post about it.

Now, if only I could have extended my vacation by another week, or two, or three…  I’d love to not have to go back to work for a little longer.



4 thoughts on “Back to real life

    • Yea, well I definitely was ready to come home.. But I find it easier and less taxing and stressful going over to visit them, as opposed to having them over and making sure my house is spotless and having to cook for people.. that’s when my anxiety attacks go into overdrive lol.. Plus, it’s easy to hang out there when my sister-in-law and her family live in the basement, so I get to spend tons of time with my niece, who is that wonderful age of 3 when they are so entertaining.

    • I totally would love to do that.. Unfortunately, my husband says he’d prefer I’d have a real job where I get paid every two weeks.. so I’ll have to put that dream on hold for now, lol.

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