Since losing the first 7 lbs, I seem to have completely plateau-ed, and have not lost a single pound or inch since.  The past few months have been pretty busy, which makes getting to the gym harder, and more grabbing food on the go, which is not conducive to losing weight, or being healthier.

I would love to lose a few more pounds, or, eleven.  I would like to weigh 125, which seems to be an ideal weight given my 5’2” frame.  AMP says I’ll be too skinny then, but that was the same weight I was when we first started dating, so I’m sure he’ll like how I look just fine at that weight.  Although, I’m trying not to focus too much on the number – I’d be okay with being even 130 lbs, if my thighs didn’t touch, my stomach was flat and I was toned all over.   

This past weekend, AMP and I signed up for a gym membership.  I already had one, but it was a women’s-only gym, so I decided to cancel it so that AMP and I could work out together.  I’m not sure what I was thinking, because that means getting up for 6 a.m. workouts three times a week.  We were supposed to start that yesterday, but neither one of us set an alarm for the morning, and we ended up sleeping in – but we did go work out together last night. 

It was great to get to spend some time alone with AMP.  He’s wanted to get in shape again for a long time, but while he was in school there was no room in his schedule for exercise.  So now that he’s finally done school, he can work out again, and hopefully that’ll give him more energy and decrease his stress levels.

And, maybe this will finally make me into a morning person?!  I’m one of those people who need 9-10 hours of sleep, otherwise I resemble a zombie (not the people eating kind though), but AMP can survive on 6-7 hours sleep, and is almost always raring to go in the mornings.  I know he wishes I’d get up earlier with him so we could have breakfast together, so maybe if I get into the habit of getting up for the gym, it’ll spill into everyday life.

 I wouldn’t hold my breath on that though.


6 thoughts on “Plateau-ing

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog last week.

    I’m so not a morning person and I need a lot of sleep, but my husband sounds like AMP. He gets about 6 hours each night and functions fine. I don’t get it.

    • I know! It’s so weird..
      I got up to go to the gym this morning, and now it’s only noon and I’m dying for a nap.. At least I have a couple days where I can sleep in a little longer.

  2. You’ll probably find yourself more eager to head to the gym early in the morning with AMP. It’s so much easier having a training partner. I applaud you! Don’t worry about the plateau. You will surmount it!

    • Aww, thanks! It is nice to spend some extra time together, and it definitely does make it easier to go to the gym when I have someone who is going with me… But I miss sleeping haha. Oh well, I’ll just start crashing earlier in the evenings.

  3. Ugh. Plateaus suck, IMO. I’m kind of at one now, but it has more to do with having trouble coordinating a gym membership.

    The one I was going to was constantly closed whenever I went (which was anywhere from 11:30 am – 2:00 pm). I got fed up with that & have been trying to join another local gym & the guy won’t call me back to set up an appointment to see the gym/join. You’d think during a recession people would be more interested in getting business…*sigh*

    Good luck with your morning person endeavor. I don’t really do mornings either….however, my son didn’t get that memo. *sigh*

    • Yea, they do suck. Hopefully actually getting to the gym 3x a week and doing 45 mins to an hour of cardio will make a difference.

      That’s ridiculous about the gym. Part of the reason I quit the last gym was because they had stupid hours. It’s my favorite part of this new one, it’s open 24 hours Mon to Friday and for more than 4 hours a day on the weekends, unlike my last gym.

      Hopefully the guy calls you back – you’d think he’d be more eager.. :S

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