the merry-go-round

It spins around and around and around.  She’s standing, laughing, holding hands with the boy.  They try to kiss, but the merry-go-round is spinning too fast, and they laugh and blow each other kisses.  She thinks life could never get better than this – the happiness, the love, the boy.

The park is empty.  The sounds of playing children have been replaced with the quiet hum of cars rushing by and the whistle of the wind rustling the leaves.  The only other sound is the whooshing of the merry-go-round as it spins round and round.

They are alone, in this moment, with nowhere to go.

Memories spin by – their first kiss… when he said he loved her… She smiles, and opens her eyes to share them with him, and he is gone.  She looks around, but the park is empty.

It spins around and around and around.  She lies across the floor; she’s all alone, dizzy, spinning around on the merry-go-round.


(This is a work-in-progress, but thought I’d enter it into Mama Kat’s workshop, since it fits well with prompt no. 2)
Draft no. 2, with a bit of a different twist can be found here


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