Five years!

It seems like yesterday that I was scheming ways to spend time with him, and fabricating reasons to show up at his house…
And, now it’s been five years that we’ve been together, and two-and-a-half that we’ve been married.

We still celebrate this ‘dating/together’ anniversary.  Sometimes it’s just dinner out.  Other times, it’s presents.  This year, being our fifth, and thus a significant one, we did both.  Friday night we spent the afternoon together and went out for dinner and we spent the whole day together at the local fair on Sunday.  He bought me a gorgeous right hand ring… I tried to find a picture on the jeweler’s website, but I couldn’t, so here’s my attempt at taking a picture of it myself. Isn’t it pretty? 

We went out and looked at a few I liked, and then he went out and bought this one… Though I may have made it a little obvious that it was my favorite.  He’s terrified of buying me jewelery without consulting me first, and in the past five years has only bought two pieces that I haven’t previously vetted or picked out.  Both were perfect, being as I would love anything he bought me, but I’m sure eventually he’ll get more comfortable picking out jewelery on his own.

He’s getting a home stereo system for his anniversary/graduation present.  As it’s much more on the expensive side, his gift is doing double, maybe triple-duty…

Anyways, that’s that of my long weekend, as the boys spend the day golfing away in the rain, I’m going to go back to laying cozily on the couch, book and coffee in hand, with the t.v. playing quietly in the background.  Hope everyone had a good weekend.




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