“in the next house…”

“In the next house…”
Poor AMP hears those words all too often.  Not that I hate our current house.  I love my house.  I actually only have a couple gripes about it… one being the too small bedrooms, and the other being the basement is unfinished.  Other than that, it’s perfect for us and for now.  


But, we (mostly I) like to dream, and we have started putting together pieces of what our ‘dream home’ would look like… We both have different wants and ideas, but for right now, this is mine:

I would love a 3-storey, 4-bedroom house, close to the ocean.  It doesn’t have to be huge but it would be bright and airy.

Something like this for the master bedroom

The master bedroom would be a loft-styled with slanted ceilings, but a large size room.  There will be French doors leading off to a balcony that has a covered hot tub on one side, and a sitting area on the other, for us to sit in the morning and read and drink our coffee. 
In the room itself, there would be the bed, of course, and in the corner would be a beautiful antique style make-up vanity.  The bedroom would be sparsely decorated, with not a lot of furniture crowding the room.  In another corner there would be two overstuffed chairs facing a fireplace, another spot for us to do our reading.


The walk-in closet would be the size of a small room, perfectly organized with plenty of drawers, shelves and hanging space.

The master en-suite would be perfect: double sinks, a claw-foot tub and an oversized shower with jetted sprays in the wall.  I love claw-foot tubs – I think they are absolutely gorgeous, and

And the ensuite, something like this...

 I’ve been dying to have one forever, but I think that if we have a hot tub, I’ll finally be able to sell AMP on the claw-foot tub idea. 

Down the stairs, you reach the three large-size rooms.  Two are bedrooms, one perhaps a child’s room, the other a guest room.  The other two are an office for AMP and a library room.  The library room has wood floors, with wall-to-wall bookshelves, except for one corner of the room that features a small table with a marble chess set and two chairs.

There is one bathroom on this floor, a simple 3-piece bath, and the laundry room is also found on this floor, with washer and dryer, laundry sink and plenty of cupboard space for storage.

Down another set of steps, and you’ve reached the main floor, where you’ll find the living spaces… The kitchen will be gorgeous with granite countertops and dark wood cabinets.  There will be cupboard space galore, plus a walk-in-pantry and an oversized island with bar sink.  At one end will be four bar stools for breakfast or quick lunches.

Two French doors lead to an oversized deck with covered areas featuring a BBQ and lounging chairs.  The rest of the quarter-of-an-acre yard is grass and fruit trees, perfectly manicured, and plenty of planters with colorful flowers.
Back inside the kitchen, through the hallway you’ll find a living room that also doubles as a dining room, with a china cabinet and matching table that seats 8.  A television in the opposite corner with two brown leather couches completes the room.  The living room has a clean, un-cluttered feel to it.

Down a couple of steps from the kitchen you’d find the family room, with another television, comfy couches, and shelves storing DVDs, toys, etc.  Completely unlike the living room, this is where the majority of television watching, video game playing, etc, will be done.

Out the front door, you’ll notice the double garage, the long, tree-lined winding driveway.

I haven’t quite decided what kind of style house I’d like… I love Victorians, but that seems out of place near the beach.. But I’d be happy with a simple farm house look, like this one…I would love a wrap-around front porch.

Not that I’ll ever be able to afford a house like the one I’ve described, but that’s the beauty of it being a ‘dream house’… So I can continue to dream!


25 thoughts on ““in the next house…”

  1. Great house! My husband and I would probably argue about the location, but we agree on the overall size of our dream home. Since all the kids are gone but one, we don’t need a big place. And I’m a fan of the great room concept, so that’s where we’d do most of our hanging out.

    • My husband is a country boy at heart, so I’ve given up on my dreams to live in a penthouse in NY or somewhere like that.. But, I really love this (imaginary) house.. I’d be pretty happy with just the master bedroom & ensuite part.
      Great rooms are awesome.. So much more practical.
      Thanks for visiting!

    • Thanks Erin! Wrap around porches are a must have in dream world.
      Ooh.. yes, San Francisco.. We went there as part of our honeymoon roadtrip! That would be an awesome spot!

    • I totally fell in love with the bedroom too.. There’s a house near where my husband would like to move someday (closer to his family, farther than mine, so I’m not very on board), that has the master bedroom on it’s own floor, which is what inspired my desire for that bedroom.. Tho it didn’t quite look like that in the house I saw..
      Maybe one day I’ll have the Victorian beach house… :) Thanks Holly!

    • Claw foot tubs are my kryptonite.. I would totally try to convince AMP to buy me a house just based on that alone. Lucky for him, none of the houses in our price range had that option.. haha.

    • I know what you mean Jenni. It’s my ultimate desire to be a perfectly domesticated, always organized, mom and housewife.. The organized part (well, really all of it) is taking lots of work to reach.. But I’m trying.

  2. Awesome. Right there with ya on the clawfoot tub. We bought the house we live in now in April, after over a year of looking and the clawfoot tub was one of the few things it doesn’t have that I REALLY wanted. I’m gonna have that sucker installed one of these days!

    • I’ll have to tell my husband that I found more people who love claw foot tubs.. He seems to think I’m slightly on the crazy side, haha. I tried to convince him to let me put one in the basement, but I was unsuccessful.. Especially since his brother is going to live down there for a while, and it’s not ‘practical’ apparently. haha.

  3. I enjoyedy your post; the way you described the home’s features, I felt like I was there! And a comment about the baby post — our kids are 11 and 14 and we are slowly (like watching paint dry) working our way out of our debt issues. SO, I applaud you for being mindful of that, but also encourage you to try not to see the situation as black and white; perhaps to set a goal that once you get there (50% paid off, something like that) then you can begin as a couple to try for parenthood again. Be kind to yourselves!

    • Thanks Paula. I really appreciate your comment. It would be much easier to wait if we gave ourselves a much more attainable marker (like half or 2/3rds paid off). I’ll have to bring that idea up with AMP next time we talk about it. Thanks! And glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  4. We have this conversation daily. We bought a two bedroom house four years ago when we had no kids. And then were blessed with three in two years! So I am dreaming of a four bedroom house right along with you!

    • Aww.. Well hopefully you get your 4-bedroom one day.
      We bought our house with the idea of us a couple only too, and we could probably manage it with one kid till he/she was a few years old, but no more than that probably. Thanks for coming by Andrea.

  5. I have always wanted a wrap around porch. Sitting on a porch swing or in rocking chairs, sipping sweet tea….swatting at mosquitoes…Ah, that’s the life! Stopping in from Mama Kat’s (fashionably late) and subscribing!

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