What would you do?

Day 4 - Paying off debt

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Last year, we moved out of the place we rented, and bought a house.  We gave our landlord the proper notice, sent our forwarding address, etc, with hopes of receiving our security deposit back in the next 15 days, as is required by the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA).

In reality, it took just under a year to get our deposit back, and required us applying for arbitration, and wasting ridiculous amounts of money, not all of which we could recover.  But the RT Office ruled in our favor, and he had to send us a cheque.  He appealed, and lost, and finally sent us a cheque, along with his own filed claim for damages. 

Now, the RTA is quite clear in our area… The landlord is not entitled to any money for damages if they do not conduct an end-of-tenancy inspection.  The fact that the landlord never even attempted to arrange the inspection (despite my sending multiple emails asking him to) and the fact that we did not leave the place damaged in the first place, made me think that we weren’t going to have problems.

I don’t know why I hadn’t realized yet that this guy is a liar.  He outright lied, saying he talked to me and I refused to meet with him.  When I heard this I was furious.  Luckily, he only lied about calling us once.. And the Act requires the landlord to make two attempts to arrange an inspection.  Also, he apparently failed to read the Arbitration instructions, and did not send us any copies of his “evidence” so the Arbitration refused to consider any evidence he had submitted.

Again, the ruling was mostly in our favor.  We only have to pay for something that was part of our Lease Agreement, which AMP and I both think is fair.  However, I think the Landlord is appealing it again, since it’s been almost 2 weeks since we’ve received the ruling information, and I still haven’t received his request for payment.  And, well, I’m dreading whatever lies he comes up with now.

The whole situation has really frustrated me.. And made me want to never rent again… I can’t wait to never have to deal with this idiotic man again.

But, now to the point of this whole long-winded story:
I’m tempted to write a letter to the people who are currently renting the same place from him, and warn them to be very careful and keep all evidence of any email conversations, etc, they have with him.  I don’t want anyone else to go through the same hassle… And I know not everyone keeps all their emails, or the may be communicating with him solely by phone, in which case he would be able to lie to his heart’s content. 

So, should I write a letter, or is that just asking for more trouble and problems?

What would you do?


4 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. What a nightmare! I rent too and hate it because I’m also afraid to call when something breaks or that we’ll get charged for something silly and this is the reason why… people are greedy! That is awful that you have to go through this and I would warn his new tenants but only after you’re done with going to court. I would make sure that every has the money the court ordered this way you no longer have to deal with him. Good Luck!

    • Yup. And I’ve read the Tenancy Act so I know what the rights are, but most landlords have absolutely no idea.. and they try to screw you over.. And it’s such a pain to always have to deal with crap and arbitrators and waiting around, even when you are right. I can’t wait to have this end… I’m still waiting for him to send us his request for money.. Though, as I said, it’s been a while, so he’s probably fighting it.. But, whatever.. I’ll keep fighting to pay only what I think is fair, and then when’s it finally over, and I never have to deal with him again, I’ll think harder about warning his new tenants… Thanks for your advice Kasey :)

  2. Geez what a jerk! We rented an duplex for a couple of years and our landlords were nothing but awesome, so I can’t imagine to have to deal with all of that crap! If you decide to write a letter, just stick to the facts and don’t speak directly about the landlord, because he could claim defamation of character or something, if he were to find out. But I know I would appreciate the warning as the new tenent.

    • That’s exactly what I worry about D – is that the tenant would turn it over to him and he would try to claim defamation of character – though I would only use facts that I could prove. I really would appreciate warning too, but on the other hand, I don’t want to have to deal with this jerk any more. We’ll see what happens when it’s all finally over, and how I feel about it then.
      Glad you had good landlords.. Seems like they are hard to find.

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