a new season

Acer platanoides in autumn colors.

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I’m a summer girl at heart.  I love the sunny beach days reading a book, cute sundresses and flip flops.

But, this year, I’m excited about Fall and here’s why, in no particular order:

1.       My allergies have been horrific this year, so I’m hoping the colder weather will give me some relief from taking 12 pills a day

2.       I can wear my favorite boots all the time without looking silly

3.       I get to go shopping for fall clothes (seeing as I have none) and I love what’s out right now

4.       The colder evenings give me an excuse to cuddle up by the fireplace with a good book

5.       It’s football and hockey season – and for the first time ever I have my own TV so I don’t have to watch every game if I don’t want to (even though I probably still will)

6.       My brother’s wedding is now only 2 weeks and a bit away – I’m both excited for the big day, and for it to be over and not have to help out with any more wedding stuff

7.       I love the colors of the trees in the fall – they make me happy

8.       It’s the first Fall in all the time AMP and I have been together that he won’t be studying – which means more time together

9.       All my shows are back with new episodes

10.    My favorite movie ever, Beauty & the Beast is coming out in blu-ray this Fall – and AMP has already been informed that I’m expecting him to come home with it on October 5th

This post is inspired by prompt no. 5 at Mama Kat’s, 10 reasons you’re glad it’s Fall.


4 thoughts on “a new season

    • :) I’m so excited about Beauty & the Beast coming out tomorrow.. And shopping – actually planning on going to look at some fall clothes today! :)

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