Meet my new pet…

So, remember how I was getting a puppy?


Turns out, we got fish instead.

The Husband got such a great deal on the a tank and the necessary accessories he’d wanted for ages, so we decided that was the right choice for us at the moment.  And, I’m completely, 100% happy with it.  At least it won’t involve me having to vacuum up any more animal hair. 

So meet my new pet – I couldn’t get a picture of him on my camera, so here is one I borrowed from online.

This is Uhtred.  (Yes, AMP named him!).  He’s a 6-year-old Clown Fish, who apparently is territorial which makes him a little bit vicious with other fish, apparently.  I’m hoping now that he’s been moved around a bit, he won’t be as territorial and I’ll be able to get another couple of clown fishes in the tank with him. 
The other 2 fish we have are: a Snapping Shrimp I’ve named Sherlock, and his friend the Yellow Guardian Gody fish, Watson.  Right now, they are living in heated, filtered Tupperware containers, while AMP and my dad plan the perfect stand to fit in my 5 foot niche, which up till now had a china cabinet.  Once it’s done, I’ll post pictures of the new tank and stand, and show how AMP has set up his aquarium.  I think it’s going to look gorgeous.  And, the best thing about salt water tanks is that the fish are so colorful. 


I’m pretty excited.  I know I thought I wanted a puppy, but, I think I’d rather wait, and maybe get one after we have children and have settled down completely.  In the meantime, I’m completely in love with my new pets!  :)  I can’t wait to add more colorful fish and the beautiful anemones and corals.  It’s going to look awesome!


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