wonderful, wonderful weekend

Let’s talk about my exciting and eventful weekend, shall we?  Well, I’ll talk; feel free to tune me out.

First, my younger (and only) brother got married this past weekend.  The wedding was beautiful, lots of fun, and they had gorgeous weather, if a little on the cold side.   I got to be a bridesmaid for the first time ever, and I was even paired up with AMP, as he was a groomsman.  We ate a delicious never-ending Italian dinner, drank lots of yummy drinks (I may have spilled a few towards the end) and danced the night away. 

Second, my brother-in-law has moved out of our house, into a place of his own 15 minutes away.

I’m honestly not sure how much I’ve talked about this situation, but here’s a quick breakdown.  Summer of 2009 AMP and I bought a house.  It has an unfinished basement that we planned to finish and rent out.  AMP decided that he had a job opening at his work for his younger brother, and that his brother would move out here from his hometown, and he would live in the finished basement.  It seemed like a great idea, but I was quite adamant that there was no way the brother (let’s call him BIL) was going to move in till the basement was completely done, or at most a month or so away from completion.

Of course, it didn’t work out that way.  The job was an immediate opening, and in October, BIL started coming over for a few days at a time to work and learn his job.  He officially moved in to our house in December.  Work on the basement started – we hit a few snags with the City, and that lengthened the process.  Months were going by, and the living situation had started to get very frustrating.  Of course it was.  It was a difficult situation after all, AMP and I still being ‘newly’ married, and his brother is an introverted person who only had a tiny bedroom to escape to.  Also, BIL is spoiled, the youngest sibling of 4, who was doted on and not really used to pulling his own weight around the house.  He helped out some… But, anyways, let’s move on.  AMP was excited to finally get to spend some time with his brother, since with a 9-year age gap, BIL was not even a teenager when AMP moved out of the house and 3 ½ hours away.

Fast-forward to now, 10 months after BIL moved in, the basement is finally at dry-walling stage, looks like the end is within reach, and I get told that BIL has decided to start looking for his own place.  I was a little upset at first – not to have BIL move out, because I was totally ok with that, but because it seemed like it was out of nowhere, and a little strange that it was happening now, when the basement was so much closer to being completed.  I found out on Wednesday of last week that BIL was looking at places, on Saturday he had moved out. 

And now I’m incredibly excited.  It’s so nice to have the house back to ourselves, I can finally run around naked if I want to – well at least after AMP fixes the furnace so the house stops being at glacier temperature.  And, it’s actually fun to spend time with my brother-in-law again, now that at the end of the day he returns to his own place.

So, that was my exciting weekend (and this will count as my ‘happy’ post that I owed you from last week!).


4 thoughts on “wonderful, wonderful weekend

  1. It seems like no matter how much you get along, it is so hard to live with other people. It is much better to enjoy them from a distance. Now you cook in the buff, or just do the buff part if cooking is not your bag!lol

  2. YAY for wonderful news!! It’ll be nice to have your house back for just you two!! You’ll have to post a photo of your basement when it’s done :)

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