all for love…

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I love sleeping.  Love it.  If I could sleep 14 hours a day, I would.  As I’ve tried to explain to AMP, I need at least 9 hours of sleep to function like a normal human being.  Unfortunately, getting to sleep early never seems to work out and I usually have about 7 to 8 hours sleep.  And, now, with AMP’s brother gone, I have to wake up to drive AMP to the nearest bus stop (a 40 minute walk).  And I don’t wake up gracefully.  I will whine and pout about waking up, and will take any excuse and any extra minute available to lay in bed a little longer. With that in mind, you might wonder what I was thinking when I promised AMP that I’d get up three times a week to be at the gym at 6 a.m.  That’s basically still the middle of the night, especially now that winter is upon us, and it doesn’t get light out till almost 8.

But, AMP is a morning person (apparently he only needs 5-6 hours sleep to function properly – show off!), and that is the only available time for him to go, so I promised I would make the sacrifice.  After all.. isn’t that what you do for people you love?!

That promise/sacrifice is proving a little harder than I thought.  With my brother’s wedding, and all the busy-ness of the last few weeks, we completely fell out of routine.  AMP asked me if it was possible to start the routine again, starting this past Monday.

Well, Monday was a bust, because AMP had a meeting at the downtown office, which is an hour away, opposed to his regular office which is 15 to 20 minutes away from the house.

Tuesday, I refused saying it was impossible on my workday.  I promised Wednesday morning I would get up.

Wednesday morning – I conned him into sleeping in and cuddling, and then felt guilty the entire day.

Today!  I jumped out of bed while he was shaving, got dressed, and climbed back into bed till he was ready to go.  We were out the door a little later than we hoped, and didn’t get to work out as long as we should, but we made it out the door and to the gym (and still made it to our respective jobs on-time).   And, we’re going to try again tomorrow, and maybe at some point on the weekend so that we will have gone 3 times this week!

The great part about going in the middle of the night (it was still dark out!), is that by this time of the day, when I’m tired and want to just go home and relax, I can do so guilt-free, because going to the gym has already been scratched off my to-do list.  And, that makes me happy!  And AMP happy!  Which is all that matters.  And if forfeiting my all-too precious sleeping time to make him happy doesn’t prove I love him – I don’t know what does.

Now, for getting to bed a little earlier tonight to make up for the lost sleep…


8 thoughts on “all for love…

  1. I don’t need sleep, but I do love it. I’m not a morning person, so I am so impressed you got up to go to the gym at 6am. I barely function at 6am. And I hate night 6am. Ugh!

  2. I have been trying really hard to work out in the mornings. It’s horrible Chinese water torture, but like you said, it’s so magical when you can go home and eat dinner and veg in front of the TV and it’s totally guilt-free.

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