Easy Post..

I was reading over at one of my favorite bloggers, Amber, and decided to try this exercise to get back into blogging, the easy way…

Where do you live: Somewhere I can see the mountains and the ocean…
Favorite art: At the risk of sounding uncultured – pretty stuff.  I usually prefer photography over paintings
Pets: Salt-water fish – :)
Favorite neighborhood restaurant:  The Olive Garden?  I don’t know – that’s the last one we went to 
Favorite cocktail: Tequila Slammer
Who inspires you: My mom
Necessary extravagance:
Gym membership – maybe should actually start going regularly to make it worth it
Favorite place in the world:
With my husband

Designer: I don’t think I own a single designer item…
Jeans: Right now, skinny jeans that I can tuck into boots – there’s snow on the ground and it’s freezing out
Underwear: Cotton
Sneakers: Walmart brand..
Watch: My cell phone
T-shirt: Anything that costs me less than $10
Day bag: A grey purse my mother bought me
Evening bag:
Whichever clutch I have that matches the best
Favorite city to shop: (Totally stealing Amber’s answer, but it’s true) Places with outlet malls and great deals

Lipstick: When I remember, it’s some lipstick from MAC that I got on sale
Mascara: CoverGirl
Shampoo: TresSemme
Moisturizer: Winter Apple Candy by… don’t know
Perfume: -don’t use any-
Toothpaste: Sensodyne
Soap: Dove
Nail-polish color: Right now, blue 
Who cuts your hair: Whichever hairdresser that I can find
Who colors your hair: Me – with that boxed supermarket stuff


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