Patience sucks!

Remember this post? Only six short days ago, and I’m already here to tell you that patience sucks.

I know, I know.  It’s only been six days and I can’t learn patience fast – but I think I’m having a bit of an emotional breakdown.

My best friend, Principessa, is pregnant.  She just found out yesterday.  And, being in best-friend status, I found out yesterday… And, well… I’m sooo happy for them – but I’m also sooo jealous. 

I want a baby so badly.  And, I can’t have one.  Not right now.  And, as much as AMP says in a year and a few months we can get pregnant – I can’t honestly see us being out of debt by then – in which case, having a baby will mean making the choice to sell the house and move hours away from my friends and family… And I don’t know if I’m ok with that.

And, jealousy – it’s so unbecoming.

I’m tired of crying all the time.  I’m tired of wanting a baby so badly it hurts…

I’m so tired.


6 thoughts on “Patience sucks!

  1. That does suck. Being happy for a friend when it stings in your deepest place of wanting – that also sucks.

    And if you ever need a place to vent, we have a judgment free venting zone, frequently open Mondays, but truly – open year round. Life is hard. We all need to talk about it.

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