Sitting on a ferry…

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Tonight, we are headed out to AMP’s parents house for the weekend.  It is a trip we make three, maybe four, times a year.  The first time I went to meet AMP’s family was around this time five years ago. 

AMP and I had been together for a while, officially starting to date and become a couple in September.  When the holidays rolled around, AMP asked if I’d be willing to go and spend a weekend at his parents, to give them a chance to meet me.  Of course, AMP being AMP, he didn’t tell his mother he was planning on surprising his mom, instead of telling her that he was bringing home his girlfriend and her brother and her cousin.

Thankfully, someone, I think one of his sisters, convinced him to tell her that he did in fact have a girlfriend, and that is whom he was bringing home.  This was significant, because at 27, he had never brought a girl home to meet his mother.

It was a great, if slightly nerve-wracking trip. 

But, what do I remember most about it?

The trip home, when I finally realized that I was head-over-heels in love with him. 

In the beginning, our relationship was a little rocky – AMP was different from the boys I was used to – and I think I was different from the girls he knew as well.  We had our ups and downs – but we decided to try and make it work.  My parents weren’t very big fans of his either (thankfully, that has changed a bit!), and it made me anxious and stressed a lot of the time.  I wasn’t sure where the relationship was going to go, but I did care about him a lot.

But, sitting on a ferry, watching AMP read a book, I knew – I was in love.  This was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  He was the person I wanted to grow old with – to live life with.

I waited.  Two months later, he told me he loved me, and I felt free to say the words as well.

A year later, he proposed.

We were married 11 months after he proposed – and in 2 months we celebrate our 3rd anniversary – the anniversary of the day my best friend became my husband.

And tonight, while we sit on a ferry to travel to visit his family, I will watch my husband read, and be struck by how much I love him – and it’ll take my breath away.  Again.


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