A new theme…

We are 6 days in to the new year, and Mama Kat’s asking, what word encompasses 2010 – and what is your theme for 2011.

For me, 2010 was all about jealousy, longing and sadness.  To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of 2010.  In a word, if I were to have to describe it in one word it would be frustrating.  Between the miscarriage, the ever-present baby fever, family illnesses and deaths, having the brother-in-law live with us, and a whole host of other things I didn’t even blog about, this past year was definitely challenging. 

But, 2011 is not to going to be that way.  This year is my year.  It is my year to be a better me, to learn contentment, to be healthy.  2011’s theme is Happiness.  I will be happy – for others and myself.  I will not allow jealousy to consume me.  That is not to say, I won’t feel the occasional twinge – otherwise, I would have already failed this year – but I will not allow it to define me, or my year.

Speaking of, I’m so excited about my future niece or nephew to be born – I’m hoping for a nephew – I already have two nieces, so a cute little boy would be nice.  I’m not sure I can wait the next few months to find out what it is, never mind wait for it to be born! 


14 thoughts on “A new theme…

  1. I know all about bad years….I guess the best thing to say is that things can get and will get better! Hang in there and focus on the new theme of 2011!

  2. Sound like you have a great attitude for 2011! Wishing you the best for the new year. Thanks for stopping by my blog through the writer’s workshop!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I know myself that sometimes happiness does not come all by itself and that it takes some work. I wish you success with finding your happiness in 2011.

  4. It is so easily to fall into the trap of jealousy… I know it all too well.

    Here’s hoping the frustrations and sadness have run their course and your new year does indeed bring for you the ability to FIND the happiness of every situation. Blessings.

  5. Best wishes for a very HAPPY 2011. Sometimes just having those intentions make for happier days. I love the Julie and Julia quote at the top of your blog :-) Great movie!

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