Buttoned up!

Wanting to be like all the cool kids bloggers, I decided I’d attempt to make my own button.

As you can see, it’s pretty simple, seeing as I have no creative skills to create my own original drawings, and well, copyright infringment worries kept me from using any pretty images I liked from off the web.  But, I kind of like the end result, and I can always change and edit it later on if I grow bored of it.

So, after creating my button, I realized I had no idea how to get the code for it – which led me to googling “how to make a blog button in wordpress”, which led me to this lovely fellow blogger’s post. 

She linked me to this awesome site, which is where I got the code for my button – which should be showing in the sidebar now.  I’m not sure how to check if it works, but if anyone has any problems with it please let me now!  

And, now I’m off to try to figure out how to grab buttons from some of my favorite bloggers.. :)


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