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I haven’t jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.  In reality, the only social media vices I have are: my personal Facebook account, and well, this blog. 

I spent a lot of time fighting the Facebook thing.  And, then one day I just gave in.  It seemed like a good way to keep in touch with friends and relatives far away – and then a good way to catch up with high school, even elementary school friends – and then a good way to stalk people’s lives and always know what’s going on. 

And, then there was blogging.  I used to have a Windows Live Space, back when I was a teenager.  And, then I started another blog a few years ago, which a few friends had access to.  Then, I decided on anonymity and ditched that blog and started The Undomestic Housewife.  

And, that’s not why I started this… I started this to have an outlet.  And, somewhere along the way I was blessed with finding a few friends – people who care enough to read my ramblings, and to post a comment, a thought of encouragement.  I love that I have a place where I can be me – freely, without censoring.  

And, last night, as I was rattling on to AMP about buttons and stats and ads and popularity and comments – I realized, I may be getting addicted to this blog. 

I love the chance of writing my thoughts… but I’ve begun to spend a little more time each day obsessing about stats, my lack of brilliant post ideas, genius post titles, my hunger for popularity and recognition… 

And, yes, it would be pretty cool to be as popular as Mama Kat or Kris @ Pretty All True… but, that’s not why I started this… And I need to remember that when I start obsessing about whether I should start a Twitter account to attract more visitors to my blog…

Inspired by prompt no. 5 at Mama Kat’s – How has social media changed you?

P.s. About the Twitter thing – anyone have any opinions on whether its worth me trying…?


22 thoughts on “media-ing

  1. I was just at a social media club meeting last night, and we were talking about Twitter. Pretty much all 35 people in the room chimed in that Twitter is a MUST if you are blogging.

    Someone had a comment that they felt like they are spitting in the wind with Twitter. Yes, it can be like that, but is is also a chance to show your personality, let yourself be heard and meet new people.

    People are on there to talk… to you! Join the conversation! Any blogger will tell you Twitter is sooo important!

  2. eek. Twitter does bring people to your blog, but not in huge amounts, at least in my case. Then again I’m not the best “tweeter”… i can’t very often think of witty things to say!

    Twitter, in my opinion, is even more addicting that Facebook, so beware! I have met some amazing people on there, so for me it’s worth it. .. but I do have to limit myself or it can be really time consuming.

    • I gave in and joined, but like you, I can’t often think of witty things, so I may not be the best tweeter.. we’ll see how this goes.

      Thanks for the advice – I’ll be careful.. I can’t afford to be addicted to anything else haha.

  3. love twitter…great for quick little connections and answers to questions. Like ideas for filling a baby shower basket with best of’s (my question for today!)– wow to be as popular as KRIS is out of my realm for sure! She amazes me with the daily comment numbers..and posts too!

  4. I’m on Twitter but I’m not in love with it. Frankly, I don’t have the time to be on there all day and it can be a HUGE time-suck. I don’t know how much traffic it drives to your blog because I rarely Tweet out my posts. I’m a terrible blogger. *hangs head in shame*

  5. I resisted all social media anything, I went to a conference and realized I was so behind with everything. So I did start a facebook and a twitter, and I’ve been hooked on twitter ever since. I have found that unless you have time to tweet, it might not be worth it. I don’t think it’s driven a ton of new traffic to my blog, but it’s nice to get to know people, especially people that I might meet at the next conference!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my place! You really wrote a wonderful piece here. And to put my two cents in with regards Twitter, I mainly use it for my blog but have found since getting a “smart” phone (smarter than me, anyway), that I can do so much more integration into other social media like Facebook via tweeting as well.

  7. I have a Twitter account, but am not really interested, like I’m losing my interest in fb. I do not care about details of peoples lives. Oh, and I only have one Twitter account which is accessible to people outside of the safety of my blog. Don’t want them showing up!

    • Yea, I’m trying to create a completely anonymous online personality – I really would rather not my ‘real’ world gain any knowledge of my blog, or twitter.. or Facebook, if I go that route. I like being anonymous, and not being censored. :)

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