my phone is too dumb

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I signed up for Twitter…
I know, I know… I clearly didn’t need much convincing – plus I was incredibly curious.  I haven’t quite figured out what I’m doing but MSWasteland at Snuggle Wasteland informed me that A Kludgy Mom has a free e-book about twittering on her blog, so I should probably go read that. 

But, in case you want to follow me, my Twitter account is UndomesticMe.  Or you can just click through my sidebar.

I really should be cleaning right now, or taking a shower, or going to Ikea like I said I was, but I’m feeling unmotivated.  I really just want to sit here and read blogs, and figure out how to Twitter, and be generally lazy.

I think I need a smartphone, haha.  I think it would make all this blogging, twittering, facebooking a whole of a hell lot easier – but then maybe it saves me from becoming completely addicted?  Who knows.  In my area data plans are ridiculous, which is what has been keeping me from getting a smartphone, but I really, really want one. 

Anyways, I really should get going – especially since company is showing up tonight.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. :)




10 thoughts on “my phone is too dumb

  1. Welcome to twitter, I started a little over a month ago and my house will never be the same. It is so addicting and a great way to connect with all of the bloggers through amazing blogs like yours. Talk to you there!

    • Thanks Jessica. :) I’m glad I started because I’ve found so many great blogs (including yours!) that I hadn’t even stumbled across yet in the past year of more serious blogging. My reading list has almost doubled in the last week, haha. :)

    • Haha.. Yea, I could easily see myself getting addicted if I had my own smartphone – I already use my husband’s iPhone whenever it’s just sitting around – so if I had access to one 24/7 I might go into overload… But, I still want one. haha.

  2. Once I get back on Twitter, I look you up. A girl can only have so many addictions. And smartphones are dangerous. Once you have one, you’ll Never Ever want to go back.

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