Evil Viking

I have a clownfish.  His name is not Nemo.

His name is Uhtred – because apparently he’s a Viking clownfish… (sometimes I wonder where AMP comes up with this stuff)

Back to Uhtred…

Have you watched Finding Nemo? 

Remember how cute and sweet they were?  Nemo, the beloved adventurous one, and Marlin, the overprotective, neurotic but loving father.

Well, Uhtred apparently is nothing like them. 

He’s evil.

Pure evil.

In his time before he lived with us, he’s committed genocide, killing three of his kind.

So, we let him be the only one of his kind. 

Apparently that’s not enough.

My poor other fish get terrorized by Uhtred.  He nips and rams and generally harasses the others.  I think he’s even taken a chunk out of my blue tang.. (She looks like Dory, but that’s not her name either).

As I said he’s evil.

If I could change one thing about him, I’d want him to get along well with others…

Or maybe turn him into two nice little clownfish who can play nice.

Either, or.


Inspired by prompt no. 1 @ Mama Kat’s… If you could change anything about your pet, what would it be?



26 thoughts on “Evil Viking

  1. Being a clownfish, he probably thinks he’s funny when he does those “evil” things to the other fishes.

    Love your post but your pet seriously needs some anger management support, lol!

    • Haha.. Can you imagine? A bunch of fish in an anger management bowl?! My niece always tells me that I should put Uhtred in time out.. She says than he’ll learn to play nice. The two year old might have a point.

  2. Us humans have such a hard time coming to terms with nature when it’s not cute, fluffy and pretty, don’t we? Unfortunately, your little clown would probably be cock of the walk if he lived in the ocean, it’s survival of the fittest, you know!

    • You’re right. He probably would be the only one able to survive — on the other hand… these fish are expensive, and I’m not a big fan of his killing them off. He doesn’t need to be cute and fluffy.. Just not evil.

  3. We’re fish owners too. Mine have been alive forever and Dumb Dad won’t let us get a different pet until they die. It’s been four years! I’m starting to think he just keeps replacing them when he finds them dead so we don’t pressure him for the dog we think we want:)

    • Haha.. Do you have freshwater or saltwater?
      Some of our saltwater fish live 20+ years.. So I’m sure we’re going to have them forever. At least my only job is to feed them in the mornings.. AMP takes care of everything else.

    • According to my niece he should be permanently in a ‘time-out’ tank till he learns to play nice. I’m hoping he gets over it. The tank is still quite new, so he might just be having adjustment issues.

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