Yes I can!

I feel like a failure… Again.

I’m full of goals, ideas, resolutions.. I’m brimming with hope for the thought of what is going to be…

But what am I doing for it now?


Nothing at all.

January is almost gone and I have not made it to the gym even once.  I have not figured out a way to make extra money or to pay down more debt.  I have not organized the house.  I have not avoided junk food like the plague.  I have not blogged more.

I have failed.

And it is beginning to depress me.

But, I can’t let it do that.  I need to change my attitude.  To leave the past in the past and to look forward from today.  To say “Yes I can!” 

I can become healthier.

I can lose weight and have the body I want.

I can pay down debt.

I can write more.

I can reach my goals.

Because, the thing is, if I don’t think “Yes I can” I definitely won’t.

This post inspired by Writing Workshop at Sleep is for the Weak.


22 thoughts on “Yes I can!

  1. Pick one thing you want to accomplished today and just do it. Tomorrow set another goal (or the same one) and just do it. YES, you can do this :)

  2. Yes you can!! Like D said – do it one little bit at a time. I set myself a single ‘challenge’ just for January because I knew I’d never manage all my resolutions and just get miserable. It was a tiny challenge really (to pack my maternity bag ready for hospital – baby’s due end of feb) and should have only taken ten minutes. But I know what I’m like and gave myself a month to do it. I finished yesterday and felt on top of the world – baby steps are the way to go.

    You CAN do it :) I have faith xxxx

  3. You CAN do it. Just take baby steps. For example, I didn’t want to pay to go to the gym, so I borrowed some P90X videos from a friend while she is not using them. Not only am I not paying for the gym, but I’m using the time that it would take me to get there and back to exercise at home. In the 5 times that I’ve exercised I’ve noticed a difference (as I walk around sore :) We also set the goal to stop eating out. I started bringing my lunch at least 3 times a week and now I bring it for the whole week. Saved money and eating healthy! Now I’m so cheap and don’t want to pay for food that I could have made better myself. Focus on what you have accomplished and could accomplish, not on what you haven’t done.
    Honestly, what shocked us into action was totaling up what we were spending eating out and on groceries ($700 in ONE month for only two people!!!!). After that we vowed, to save money and only spend what we have budgeted for groceries and a treat and so far so good. YOU CAN DO IT!

    • I’m continuosly boggled at how much alike we are… The grocery & food spending.. ours is that high too.. Which you are right is ridiculous for only 2 people.. and two people who are trying to get out of debt as well. My brother has P90x – maybe I should borrow it from him..
      How’s your baby plan coming? Still seem like September is a go?

      • LOL! I know, we are living parallel lives :) I bring up the “baby” topic every once in a while just to make sure where we stand. The other day he said I might need to work a little longer :(, but then I showed him this blog (I love the pics of his little girls) and my husband said that we should have kids (I think they meltes his heart). What’s hard for us right now is that we will be moving to another state and don’t know what’s going to happen (sigh). So really I’M NOT SURE and I HATE IT!!! BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask you a question based on one of your prior entries (I went back and read some of your old posts to “catch up”) are you a JW?

  4. YES YOU CAN!!!! We have to keep telling ourselves this every day of our lives – we have to believe it and slowly but surely our lives will change for the better.

    Good Luck – You CAN do it!!!

    Carole x

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