Buying time

Wouldn’t that be great?  Go to the grocery store and pick up some extra time, sold in half-hour and hour increments.  You could pick up that extra hour to go to the gym, or a half-hour in the bath, or maybe, a few hours to escape into a book…

But, life doesn’t work that way. 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day… And everyday we either spend them wisely, or waste them.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable.. Other times the choices are up to us.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I spend my time.  Do I spend it wisely?

To be honest, probably not.  Like now… I could be cleaning.  I could be putting another load of laundry in.  I could be putting away the groceries from earlier.  I could be planning the Superbowl party that is only a week away.  But I’m not doing any of those things, am I?

I’m sitting on the couch, taking advantage of AMP’s work computer to blog and read blogs.  And generally being unproductive.

But, who is to say that this is unwise use of time? 

For me blogging is therapy.  It’s enjoyable.  It’s almost as good as reading a book.  So, if I enjoy it that much, then spending time doing it isn’t wasteful.  Right?  That’s what I’m choosing to believe.

Nevertheless if I’m going to accomplish any of my goals, I need to have a schedule.  I need to spend my time more efficiently.. going to the gym in the morning, instead of sleeping in…cleaning instead of checking Facebook for the umpteenth time.  And, maybe when I do that, I’ll find that I have more time for the fun stuff — like blogging and learning to Twitter properly, and reading all the awesome blogs that are sitting in my Google Reader each day waiting for me…


6 thoughts on “Buying time

  1. I’m glad time isn’t for sale. Otherwise rich people would buy it all, use their time to get richer and buy more even more time. Rinse, repeat, and drive the price up to levels that are unreachable for the common person (me).

    Hrmmm… the fact is that wealthy people already do that. They hire nannies, maids, chefs, gardeners, etc. Hiring people at low wages to do these ‘menial’ tasks, allows them more time to earn money at their ridiculously higher wage, constantly increasing the gap between the rich and the poor.

    If rich people were forced to do their own manual labour (house cleaning, etc) would they be as rich as they are?

    • Me too!! But, instead I can’t function on anything less than 9 hours – which seriously cuts into my awake time.. Which means I get nothing done. :S

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