Not an eloquent title, but that’s how I’m feeling right now.

I’m not going to bother doing measurements and all that for February 1st – because, well, January sucked.

I didn’t lose any weight.

Actually, I managed to gain 2 freaking pounds.

Which is all, is not surprising since I didn’t even make it to the gym once in all of January – nor did I stop eating junk food.

And, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy all month.. I think I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment to get a physical done – because this whole being nauseous all the time, no period, but negative pregnancy tests, can’t really be all normal.

I did manage to make it to the gym yesterday.. And, ate a portion-controlled packed lunch today, so hopefully March’s weigh-in will have better numbers.


6 thoughts on “Uggh..

    • I think my doctor thinks I’m crazy.. But I did get him to send me for blood tests.. So, I went this morning, so I’ll know in a couple of days if anything shows up. Thanks for asking! :) How are you doing?

      • Doing ok. Baby plans have been derailed again by this stupid move. Might not be September after all :( I’m mad, but I see why I have to wait, just wish I didn’t have to!!!

      • Aww.. that sucks Paulina. I’m hoping that since I’ve agreed to wait till next spring, nothing will really derail that plan.. But that’s not how life works, of course. Hope you don’t have to wait too long!

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