SuperBowl Sunday

Tom Brady

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We’re a Patriots household.  And, although Brady and his team did not make it to the Superbowl this year, we’ll still be hosting.. And I think we’re cheering for the Packers… Because, well, we have to cheer for someone.

The house is set to be filled by about 20 people, a few coming for the football… lots coming for the company.

And, for someone like me, who has panic attacks when it comes to entertaining, 20 people is a big deal.

I spent hours this morning cleaning my kitchen… I still have lots to do on my long to-do-list before Sunday, but I’m sure it’ll all get done.

My major problem:  cooking.

Thankfully, everyone is bring something, whether food or drink.. So I’m just worrying about a few things…

I was thinking of making my chocolate chip cookies that everyone loves, and a few tried-and-tested appetizers… Things I’ve made before that I know turn out the way they are meant  to…

Does anyone have any good ideas for quick and easy appies for the domestically challenged such as I?


2 thoughts on “SuperBowl Sunday

  1. Woo! Go Patriots!!!

    Um, that’s all I have to say b/c I think I am way too late to give you good recipes. Sorry!

    For future reference, taco layer dips are always suuuuper easy to make, and can be made to look much fancier than they are.

    Also a web site I love, and plugged on my own blog, is You can type in what you have and get recipes. I love this because you can use up a lot of stuff in the house.

    I’m boycotting the game this year.

    • Haha… Thanks Stephanie.. I ended up getting a few good appies… Worked out really well.. Didn’t get to watch the game at all though, with being hostess and all.. .. But, my husband enjoyed himself, and thanked me afterwards for a great party, so I’m guessing I was doing something right!

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