I was, I am, I will be…

Image from annabakurova.blogspot.com

I was a little girl, dreaming about love. 
I was a little girl playing house and babies. 
I was a teenager, writing poem after poem. 
I was a teenager, spending every waking moment dreaming about a boy; the boy who wasn’t interested, then the boy who wasn’t good, then the  boy who wasn’t right…
I was a young woman, fighting against constraints.
I was an adult, being treated like a child. 
I was being pulled in so many directions, that most days, I thought I was going to be split in half. 
I dreamed of being a woman – being in charge, being free…

I am a wife… married to the perfect man for me. 
I am a daughter… a good one, I hope.
I am a sister… a big sister, who doesn’t know what to say sometimes.
I am an aunt… with adorable nieces to spoil.
I am a friend… I fear, not a good one.
I am… pulled in so many directions.
I am a woman… not in charge…not free.

I will be…


16 thoughts on “I was, I am, I will be…

  1. What a brilliantly written poem. I wrote a lot of poetry as a teenager too, recently found one of my notebooks from when I was about 16 and by god it was a load of drivel! Interesting to see what I was thinking at that time though. Wanted to say thank you for the amazing comment you left for me, it means a lot x

    • Thank you Jules.
      I recently stumbled across my notebooks too.. A lot of them are horrible.. But there are a few that I couldn’t believe my sixteen year-old self could come up with something so halfway decent.

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