Unintentional Break

I’ve been wordless… almost as if I had taken a break from blogging – but it wasn’t conscious.  I was overwhelmed by all the love and support I received after this post – and it reminded me why I love this community.  But, I didn’t feel like following it up with another negative post – and then days slipped by, and now, here we are over two weeks later.   I’ve been around, trying to keep caught up with my reading and commenting, though how well I’m doing with that might be evidenced by the fact that my G-Reader is boasting 123 unread entries. 

And, then I got sick.  Which was just lovely, since this week, yesterday to be precise, was our 3-year wedding anniversary.  Usually are anniversaries follow a particular pattern: we go away for the weekend before our anniversary, exchange presents somewhere along there, exchange cards on our anniversary, and go to dinner on our actual anniversary.  This year, we did none of those.  We decided to save our going away till the summer.  We exchanged presents over a month ago.  And, yesterday, no dinner out because I’m sick with a chest infection.  We didn’t even give each other cards – I haven’t even written mine.  As I whined last night, we’re not doing our anniversary ‘right’ this year.  But, we’re going out for dinner tonight because poor AMP has been dying for us to go out.  So, that shall be amazing and wonderful.  :)

And, now, I’m off to get my 123 unread entries down to 0… I may be back later.


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