A leap year issue..

Marriage Certificate

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I let AMP pick our wedding date.

It seemed like a good idea at the time… He can be a little on the forgetful side, so I thought that maybe if he picked the date, he would be less likely to forget it.  So, he spent some time thinking about it, and calculating a date that would not interfere with Super Bowl or other ‘important’ dates.  And, he presented me with March 1st as our wedding date.


Except, for the fact that we got married on the leap year.

And that my lovely husband is a geek… (in the nicest way of course!)

So, for the past 3 years we’ve argued every year.

Me on March 1st : “Happy anniversary babe!”

Him on March 1st : “It’s not our anniversary today.  Our anniversary is tomorrow.”

Me: “No, it’s today.  It’s March 1st.”

Him: “No, our anniversary is two days after February 28th.  That’s tomorrow.”

Which leads me to argue and stomp my feet at his stubbornness, and this year to pull out our marriage certificate to show him that we are indeed married on March 1st.  His response?

Him on March 2nd : “Happy anniversary babe!”

I’m looking forward to next year, where we’ll actually be celebrating on the same day…


This post inspired by Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop about a pet peeve… ;) 


16 thoughts on “A leap year issue..

  1. Ha Ha! That’s so funny. I’m with you! Remembering March 1st is much easier than calculating 2 days after Feb 28th.

    • I know!! The boy enjoys teasing me – but at least he doesn’t forget our anniversary – even if we ‘argue’ about the actual date. haha

  2. So, do you think he choose it just for future “arguements”? I can so see some guys doing that. And I am with you, it is March 1st, not 2 days after Feb 28th. Seriously.

  3. Oh dear! Thats a funny anniversary to have. At least its not something totally predictable like Valentines Day or something. You guys will always have an interesting anniversary, no matter what day it actually falls on.

    thanks for stopping by my place!

  4. that is awesome. if that was my husband he’d be saying that *just* to get under my skin. and it would work, of course. ahh the beauty of knowing someone that well… Happy belated anniversary!

    • Lol.. I think that’s exactly why he does it too. Oh, and I’m not allowed to open my cards until after 12:30 in the afternoon, because that’s when our ceremony took place. haha. Silly boy!

  5. I’m confused how March 1st isn’t your anniversary (according to him) even if you were married in a leap year :P Anyway, Happy Anniversary!!

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