Careful what you ask…

Me:          “Babe, what is one thing I do that drives you crazy?”

AMP:        “Um…nothing.”

Me:          “No, really… What do I do that drives you crazy?”

AMP:       “Nothing, you are perfect.”  He says this with complete sincerity – a testament to 3 year of training marriage.

Me:                “Seriously, it’s one of the Writing Workshop prompts for this week so I need you to tell me what I do that drives you crazy so I know what to write about.”

AMP:       “You don’t do anything to drive me crazy.  You are amazing.”

Exasperated sigh on my end, but I decide not to push it.  A few minutes later…

AMP:       “You could write about how it drives me crazy how you can’t sleep with the light on, so I can’t read at night.”

Me:          “There you go, I told you that you could come up with one thing!”

AMP:       “Or how it drives me crazy that you leave your basket of shampoos and stuff in the shower.”

Me:                “Um…ok.”

AMP:       “Or how it drives me crazy that your clothes are all over the floor and all over the dresser.  Or how you sleep-in all the time.”

Me:      “I think I liked your original answer best.”


28 thoughts on “Careful what you ask…

  1. Love this! I also can’t sleep with the light on. Sometimes I’ll be reading in bed, but don’t want to get up to turn the light off (how lazy am I :), so I’ll call him and say that I want to give him a kiss good night and he’ll turn the light off for me. Works every time :)

    • Nice!
      I will read in bed and start to get tired but I almost always end up reading till AMP comes in and then promptly turn out my light because I’m tired and want to sleep.. We end up having the same exact conversation every night, haha.. Poor guy!

    • Hm.. He mentioned one more thing, but I think the look on my face clued him into stopping there, haha. Luckily for him, I”ve learned to be less touchy over the years and it didn’t end in a fight.

  2. This is why I didn’t ask mine exactly what I did that drove him crazy. I guess from a previously pointed out list.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s and your comment.

  3. See? This is why I did not take this prompt! I will just stick to the assumption that I am perfect and he knows it. :)

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