The Voice of a broken heart

Image by WolfS♡ul via Flickr

You hold in your hands my heart, held together only by tape and glue – a battered soul’s poor attempt to repair its tattered being.  Faintly you hear the soft beating, the almost imperceptible pulsing of life.  It’s weathered a thousand storms that has raged against it, deadly winds that slashed endlessly, lightning strikes that tore through it – and still remained intact.  And, yet, in one single, solitary moment, you broke it – as easily as accidentally dropping a glass.  Now as you gaze incredulously at the pieces shattered across the floor, you reflect and wonder – you didn’t even know you held my heart until it crashed into a million pieces at your feet.


6 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. I love the progression you describe, the layers of damage inflicted. Despite it, the heart held together until carelessly dropped and shattered. I could really see this clearly.

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