We’re a sports household

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I grew up in a home where the only sport worth watching was soccer (can you tell I’m Italian?).  Growing up sports was something that happened every four years.

In my home sports is now an everyday occurrence – we watch everything – well, except for basketball, cricket, and boxing.  SportsCentral is the default channel on our TV.

The big three are: football, hockey and curling.

Football is my favorite.

Hockey I like well enough.

Curling – I can’tstand…but, well, that’s just me. 

Hm… where was I going with this? Oh yes, my TV has been hijacked.

Do you know what I love about football?  That all games are limited to maximum two days in a week; during football season, I know not to make plans on all Sundays and most Thursdays, until playoff seasons.  Playoffs last a month, but again are limited to two days: Saturdays and Sundays.

Hockey, on the other hand, is always on.  The teams seem to play every second night – and we apparently watch games that our team isn’t
even playing in.  And, then playoffs come around – and that’s when the TV becomes completely hijacked.  For what seems like months.

On the bright side, hockey gives me guilt free laptop time from the comfort of my couch, with the game playing in the background and my husband sitting close by!  :)

And, plus, I’d take hockey over curling any day.

Are there any sports that drive you crazy?


4 thoughts on “We’re a sports household

  1. Ah yes… I H.A.T.E Entertainment wrestling! I don’t even think it should be called a sport, but then I am probably offending some people. Notice I didn’t just say Wrestling… ENTERTAINMENT Wrestling. gag…

  2. I’m not big on watching sports. I love to play, but I get too antsy to watch. I married a man who LOVES football, and I fully believe the NFL Network was invented to ruin my marriage. 24/7/365 of football. Ugh.

    • Haha… I know! I still prefer football over hockey though. And, I made my husband get us a PVR so he can record stuff so our entire schedule doesn’t have to revolve around games.

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