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So, you know how when you sit down at the computer and open your Internet browser, there are certain websites you automatically open… Like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail Reader, etc.

One of mine is Kijiji where I would sift through the hundreds of ads on available puppies and annoy my husband with links or pictures of my favorites along with the “Aww, isn’t he cute?!?!” 

Which would inevitably lead to, “Well, if you want it, we should get it” and then me hemming-and-hawing about price, commitment factor, etc…And, then we wouldn’t get the dog, and I would go back to my daily browsing of the website for new dogs, agreeing with his assessment that we should wait to get a puppy… at least until I stumbled across an ad for another beautiful dog.

One Friday, I show him a picture of an adorable dog for sale, a Husky/German Shepherd cross. 

The next day we’re traveling five hours to pick up a red-and-white Siberian Husky, that he’d found after doing some research of his own.

Yup, we have a puppy.  He was eight weeks old when we brought him home, and he turns 10 weeks tomorrow. 

Meet ShNo (not his real name):

He is adorable, but exhausting.  I keep telling people I’ll only have kids if I can survive this first year of puppyhood. 

But, I’m still incredibly in love with my new puppy, and my husband for getting him for me… So in love, I’m getting up with ShNo at 5am…and we all know how much I love my sleep.

Any tips on raising a puppy?  Or have a picture of your own little puppy to share?


5 thoughts on “ShNo

  1. Yayyy! I’m so happy for you! No puppy here yet since we are still in the moving process. We close on our new house next Wednesday and once I get settled in I will be getting one. My only advice is to be consistent with the puppy and keep teh same schedule of feeding and walking him.

  2. such a cutie!!! i’m not the best person to talk to about puppy hood as we are on the verge of giving ours up. I am so torn and sad about it. you can do it though! Best to start before children, we did it the opposite way and it was quite difficult to say the least!!

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