There was a plan…

There was a plan. 

I had an appointment at the gynecologist in June.  I would get a six-month prescription on my birth control, and once that lapsed, I would be off the pill, beginning our journey in trying to conceive.

Six months seemed endless.  Unnecessary. We were ready now.  Well, I was ready now.

And, then my appointment came.  And, accidentally I walked away with a three-month prescription.  And, we got a puppy.  And, well, three months was not long enough.  We are not ready.

And, as we drove along one day, words spilled out of my month – telling my husband that maybe we should wait longer.  Another three months.  And, he jumped at the chance.  And, the next day, I cursed my rambling mouth.

But, that’s the plan now.  I have a doctor’s appointment to get my last six-months of pills.  The last six months of ingesting a little pink pill every day.  The last six months about us.  Only us.  And, well the puppy.

And, I’m equal parts excitement and terrified. Excited we are closer to embarking on this journey.  Terrified about the path of trying to conceive and all the unknowns.

Here’s to the next six months of us not trying.  And, I’m going to enjoy it.


5 thoughts on “There was a plan…

  1. Good for you! I can tell you this, the more I think about trying again, the more hesitant I become. Oh the heartbreak we have both endured! But maybe you can hold my hand when I am ready? I will definitely hold yours. : )

    (P.S. do you like your BC? I am going off of mine for a short while b/c I have gained way too much weight on it. Rude.)

    • Aww, Amber. I don’t blame you. Even after the one miscarriage, when we weren’t even trying, I’m scared to death. Scared of trying this time and being thrilled and sharing my news, and then losing the baby. For me, the fact that not many know about my first miscarriage works better – I can discuss it with those I choose – but with others, with those who would not be as sensitive, I spare myself unnecessary comments.

      I will definitely be here to hold your hand when you are ready to try again. I appreciate your being here for me — It blows me away the friendships that are created in this blogosphere.

      About the birth control.. I’ve tried Yasmin, Micronor (which is what I got pregnant and miscarried on – it’s the mini-pill), and now I’m on Alesse. I found that on all 3 I gained weight and couldn’t lose it no matter what I was doing – which is incredibly frustrating. I’m still carrying around an extra 20lbs that I would love to lose, but can’t seem to. I’m dying to go off the pill, just to see how my body reacts – if it restores my metabolism to its former self.

  2. Yayyy! You’re back and with such great news. Hope all goes as planned. We’ve had my little niece visiting with my mom for the last two weeks and it has been interesting to say the least.

    My two cents about birth control: the one that worked the best for me was Ortho-tri-cylen lo. I hardly gained any weight.

    • I am back! I am going to try and write more regularly now… I miss it when I don’t. How are you?!
      Thanks! I hope it all goes well too.
      How old is your niece? I have two nieces and one brand-new itty bitty nephew. The nieces are 4 and 3.5, the nephew 3 weeks. The 4-year-old spent a week with us last month – just her. :) It was very interesting.. :) I love being an auntie tho.
      I never tried Ortho-tri-Cyclen Lo… I’ll have to research it – maybe try that when I go back on it. :)

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